NWISA Olympia Regatta


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, with starting sails offset for subsequent divisions.

A Division

AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 1A4A4A5
AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 2A5A533
BainbridgeBainbridge Blue333334
BainbridgeBainbridge Gold343444
BainbridgeBainbridge Spartans444411
BallardBallard Beavers1111BYC1
BellinghamBellingham RaidersBYC1BYC114
CapitalCapital Capital1414151
Central KitsapCentral Kitsap Cougars1511512
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 1223
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 23312
IngrahamIngraham Rams1212121
Klahowya SecondaryKlahowya Secondary Eagles12112113
Lincoln ORLincoln OR Cardinals131335
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 1353536
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 2363637
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 3373738
North ThurstonNorth Thurston North Thurston383845
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 1454543
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 24343131
OlympiaOlympia Varsity13113115
OlympiaOlympia JV1515141
OlympicOlympic Trojans14114132
OrcasOrcas Vikings 1323231
OrcasOrcas Vikings 2313130
OrcasOrcas Vikings 33030101
Port Townsend highPort Townsend high Red Hawks 1101101111
Port Townsend highPort Townsend high Red Hawks 2111111BYC7
SehomeSehome Mariners V 1BYC7BYC7BYC3
SehomeSehome Mariners V 2BYC3BYC3BYC5
SehomeSehome Mariners V 3BYC5BYC5BYC6
SqualicumSqualicum StormBYC6BYC610
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 1101016
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 21616A4

B Division

AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 1383845
AnacortesAnacortes Seahawks 2454543
BainbridgeBainbridge Blue4343131
BainbridgeBainbridge Gold13113115
BainbridgeBainbridge Spartans1515141
BallardBallard Beavers14114132
BellinghamBellingham Raiders323231
CapitalCapital Capital313130
Central KitsapCentral Kitsap Cougars3030101
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 1101101111
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 2111111BYC7
IngrahamIngraham RamsBYC7BYC7BYC3
Klahowya SecondaryKlahowya Secondary EaglesBYC3BYC3BYC5
Lincoln ORLincoln OR CardinalsBYC5BYC5BYC6
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 1BYC6BYC610
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 2101016
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 31616A4
North ThurstonNorth Thurston North ThurstonA4A4A5
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 1A5A533
Oak HarborOak Harbor Wildcats 2333334
OlympiaOlympia Varsity343444
OlympiaOlympia JV444411
OlympicOlympic Trojans1111BYC1
OrcasOrcas Vikings 1BYC1BYC114
OrcasOrcas Vikings 21414151
OrcasOrcas Vikings 31511512
Port Townsend highPort Townsend high Red Hawks 1223
Port Townsend highPort Townsend high Red Hawks 23312
SehomeSehome Mariners V 11212121
SehomeSehome Mariners V 212112113
SehomeSehome Mariners V 3131335
SqualicumSqualicum Storm353536
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 1363637
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 2373738