NWISA South Regionals


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, with starting sails offset for subsequent divisions.

A Division

BainbridgeBainbridge Blue1122
BainbridgeBainbridge Gold2233
BainbridgeBainbridge Stripes3344
Central KitsapCentral Kitsap Chameleons4455
Central KitsapCentral Kitsap Swedish Fish5566
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 16677
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 27788
Klahowya SecondaryKlahowya Secondary Eagles885151
Lincoln ORLincoln OR Cardinals 151514141
Lincoln ORLincoln OR Cardinals 241411313
Lycee Francais ChiLycee Francais Chi Red Hawks 1141141151151
Lycee Francais ChiLycee Francais Chi Red Hawks 215115111
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 113131414
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 214141515
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 315151616
OlympiaOlympia Blue1616101101
OlympiaOlympia White101101111111
OlympiaOlympia Mixed111111121121
OlympicOlympic Trojans121121131131
OESOES Aardvarks131131141141

B Division

BainbridgeBainbridge Blue13131414
BainbridgeBainbridge Gold14141515
BainbridgeBainbridge Stripes15151616
Central KitsapCentral Kitsap Chameleons1616101101
Central KitsapCentral Kitsap Swedish Fish101101111111
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 1111111121121
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 2121121131131
Klahowya SecondaryKlahowya Secondary Eagles131131141141
Lincoln ORLincoln OR Cardinals 1141141151151
Lincoln ORLincoln OR Cardinals 215115111
Lycee Francais ChiLycee Francais Chi Red Hawks 151514141
Lycee Francais ChiLycee Francais Chi Red Hawks 241411313
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 11122
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 22233
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 33344
OlympiaOlympia Blue4455
OlympiaOlympia White5566
OlympiaOlympia Mixed6677
OlympicOlympic Trojans7788
OESOES Aardvarks885151