SAISA Brunswick Open Regatta


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Benedictine MilitaryBenedictine Military Varsity11335577
Brunswick HighBrunswick High Varsity22446688
Frederica AcademyFrederica Academy Varsity33557799
Glynn AcademyGlynn Academy Varsity4466881010
Glynn AcademyGlynn Academy JV5577991111
James Island CharterJames Island Charter Varsity668810101212
Lake NormanLake Norman Wildcats7799111111
Richmond Hill Varsity881010121222
Richmond Hill JV9911111133
St. Vincent's Academ Varsity101012122244
WaccamawWaccamaw Waccamaw High School1111113355
WandoWando Wando Warriors1212224466

B Division

Benedictine MilitaryBenedictine Military Varsity22446688
Brunswick HighBrunswick High Varsity33557799
Frederica AcademyFrederica Academy Varsity4466881010
Glynn AcademyGlynn Academy Varsity5577991111
Glynn AcademyGlynn Academy JV668810101212
James Island CharterJames Island Charter Varsity7799111111
Lake NormanLake Norman Wildcats881010121222
Richmond Hill Varsity9911111133
Richmond Hill JV101012122244
St. Vincent's Academ Varsity1111113355
WaccamawWaccamaw Waccamaw High School1212224466
WandoWando Wando Warriors11335577