SYC Open


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, with starting sails offset for subsequent divisions.

A Division

BallardBallard Beavers2424SYC 6SYC 6SYC 9SYC 9
BellinghamBellingham RaidersSYC 6SYC 6SYC 9SYC 9101101
CapitalCapital CapitalSYC 9SYC 9101101172172
Central KitsapCentral Kitsap Cougars1011011721721616
EverettEverett Seagulls17217216161717
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines 1161617171818
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines 2171718182222
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines 318182222SYC 10SYC 10
Garfield Garfield2222SYC 10SYC 10SYC 11SYC 11
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 1SYC 10SYC 10SYC 11SYC 11103103
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 2SYC 11SYC 11103103105105
IngrahamIngraham Rams10310310510517481748
Klahowya SecondaryKlahowya Secondary Eagles10510517481748SYC 12SYC 12
Lincoln ORLincoln OR Cardinals17481748SYC 12SYC 12946946
Mercer IslandMercer Island IslandersSYC 12SYC 12946946948948
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 194694694894813171317
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 29489481317131716721672
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 31317131716721672SYC 8SYC 8
OlympiaOlympia Varsity 116721672SYC 8SYC 8104104
OlympiaOlympia Varsity 2SYC 8SYC 81041042626
OlympicOlympic Trojans104104262644
OESOES Aardvarks2626445555
Port AngelesPort Angeles Roughriders4455558888
Port Townsend highPort Townsend high Red Hawks 155558888SYC 4SYC 4
Port Townsend highPort Townsend high Red Hawks 28888SYC 4SYC 4SYC 5SYC 5
SehomeSehome Mariners V 1SYC 4SYC 4SYC 5SYC 5SYC 7SYC 7
SehomeSehome Mariners V 2SYC 5SYC 5SYC 7SYC 7SYC 1SYC 1
SqualicumSqualicum StormSYC 7SYC 7SYC 1SYC 1SYC 2SYC 2
The OverlakeThe Overlake Varsity 1SYC 1SYC 1SYC 2SYC 2SYC 3SYC 3
The OverlakeThe Overlake Varsity 2SYC 2SYC 2SYC 3SYC 3SYC 13SYC 13
The OverlakeThe Overlake Varsity 3SYC 3SYC 3SYC 13SYC 13102102
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 1SYC 13SYC 131021022424
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 21021022424SYC 6SYC 6

B Division

BallardBallard Beavers9489481317131716721672
BellinghamBellingham Raiders1317131716721672SYC 8SYC 8
CapitalCapital Capital16721672SYC 8SYC 8104104
Central KitsapCentral Kitsap CougarsSYC 8SYC 81041042626
EverettEverett Seagulls104104262644
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines 12626445555
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines 24455558888
Friday HarborFriday Harbor Wolverines 355558888SYC 4SYC 4
Garfield Garfield8888SYC 4SYC 4SYC 5SYC 5
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 1SYC 4SYC 4SYC 5SYC 5SYC 7SYC 7
Gig HarborGig Harbor Tides 2SYC 5SYC 5SYC 7SYC 7SYC 1SYC 1
IngrahamIngraham RamsSYC 7SYC 7SYC 1SYC 1SYC 2SYC 2
Klahowya SecondaryKlahowya Secondary EaglesSYC 1SYC 1SYC 2SYC 2SYC 3SYC 3
Lincoln ORLincoln OR CardinalsSYC 2SYC 2SYC 3SYC 3SYC 13SYC 13
Mercer IslandMercer Island IslandersSYC 3SYC 3SYC 13SYC 13102102
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 1SYC 13SYC 131021022424
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 21021022424SYC 6SYC 6
North KitsapNorth Kitsap Dogfish 32424SYC 6SYC 6SYC 9SYC 9
OlympiaOlympia Varsity 1SYC 6SYC 6SYC 9SYC 9101101
OlympiaOlympia Varsity 2SYC 9SYC 9101101172172
OlympicOlympic Trojans1011011721721616
OESOES Aardvarks17217216161717
Port AngelesPort Angeles Roughriders161617171818
Port Townsend highPort Townsend high Red Hawks 1171718182222
Port Townsend highPort Townsend high Red Hawks 218182222SYC 10SYC 10
SehomeSehome Mariners V 12222SYC 10SYC 10SYC 11SYC 11
SehomeSehome Mariners V 2SYC 10SYC 10SYC 11SYC 11103103
SqualicumSqualicum StormSYC 11SYC 11103103105105
The OverlakeThe Overlake Varsity 110310310510517481748
The OverlakeThe Overlake Varsity 210510517481748SYC 12SYC 12
The OverlakeThe Overlake Varsity 317481748SYC 12SYC 12946946
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 1SYC 12SYC 12946946948948
WoodinvilleWoodinville Falcons 294694694894813171317