Linda Juliano Women's TR Trophy


Sunday, April 30:

It was a great weekend on Lake Cochituate. 4 teams participated in the Saturday clinics. Special thanks to our clinic coaches, Amanda Donahue, Madelyn Kanter, and Madeline Gill for donating their time and incredible energy to the event.

Sunday saw shifty winds in the morning finally settling just south of east, 6-10 kts with the usual crazy puffs and shifts of lake sailing. We were able to get in a full round-robin before lunch, semifinals, a quick thunderstorm and, just under the wire, finals and a consolation round.

Congrats to the women of Wayland for their win.

Final Results

*1WaylandWayland High SchoolVarsity3-2Emily Wang '17Marlee Griffin '18
Lucy Poole '18Izzy Rubin '17
Sarah Raines '17Grace Karbowski '19
**2Noble and Greenough SchoolNobles Bulldogs3-2Sonia Lingos-Utley '17Lily Hicks '18
Ellen Efstathiou '21Reese Dickinson '20
b3Lincoln Sudbury RegiLincoln Sudbury RHSWarriors5-0Julia Wyatt '17Abby Hayes '20
Sarah Alix '19Gabby Jones '20
Victoria LaRow '18Sdyney Blair '20
c4WellesleyWellesley High SchoolVarsity3-2Olivia Sowles '18Eleanor Bennett '17
Catherine Zhu '18Maia Grissino '19
Elizabeth Harrington '18Jenna Weiner '17
5SharonSharon High SchoolVarsity1-4Gloria Zhang '18Briana Chen '20
Alissa Chen '18Christopher Anchan '19
Eddie Bielawa '20Jason Cloherty '20
6Unregistered-NESSAUnregistered-NESSANantasket0-5Anabelle Weises '17 *Jessica Adey '19 *
Kelley Frumer '17 *Mollie Gilbert '19 *
Mystery Skipper '17 *Mystery Crew '18 *
*Won Playoff Races
**Won Semifinal Races, Lost in Playoff
bLost Semifinal, Won Consolation playoff
cLost Semifinals, Lost Consolation playoff