MASSA Spring Team Race Championship


Saturday, April 22:

Rainy weather but relatively solid winds greeted sailors all of Saturday. The RC was able to complete the first round robin and get well into the second round before they called it for the day around 4:30.

Sunday, April 23:

Sailors were greeted Sunday with a forecast of temperatures in the low 50s with wind around 15 knots, dying throughout the day as the sun came out. The forecast was right on point and created tough conditions for the RC to complete round two before the cut off time. The regatta ended with the completion of 80% of round two due to absolutely no wind, and no chances of more filling in. Several protests were heard after completion of racing keeping RC and judges working until 8 pm. Congratulations to Christchurch for a dominant performance out on the water. They had an impressive 14-1 record despite tough competition and varying conditions. Mamaroneck placed second overall. These two teams will move on to the Baker National Championship! Good luck! Severn School placed 3rd overall and Norfolk Collegiate placed 4th. These two teams will represent MASSA at the NIT in May.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers and umpires who took time out of their busy schedules to help out.

Race Committee and Markset/ Scoring: Mark Bennett Marina Schofield Stephen Fadullon Jill Bennett Mark Reisinger John Carty Neal Koller Pat McKay Fredrik Salvesen Marley Hillman Frances Fadullon Heather East Craig Leonard Chris Ryan

Umpires: Mary Kate Mezzetti (Georgetown '16) AJ Reiter (Georgetown '16) Geff Lampshire Jim Urban Spencer Nora (Naval Academy '17) Trevor Perkins Hamrick Morgan (Naval Academy '18)

Final Results

1ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses14/1Benton Amthor '19Thomas Walker '17
Boyd Bragg '19Zoe Harding '18
Austin Freda '17Sally Johnson '18
Nathan Smith '20Eric DeMaro '18
2MamaroneckMamaroneck High SchoolTigers12/3Carmen Cowles '19Molly Banks '18
Lizzy Kaplan '19Bo Eaves '18
Emma Kaneti '18Julia Henderson '18
Emma Cowles '19Guy Santee '19
Lizzy Kaplan '19
3SevernSevern SchoolAdmirals11/4Connor Bayless '17Caroline McNeil '18
Stephanie Houck '17Aidan Morgan '17
Madeline Hawkins '20Blair Reilly '18
Caroline Bayless '19Camille White '18
Abby Tindall '19
4Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks7/7Ellie Maus '18Matt Wright '19
Parker Purrington '19Ray Domena '19
Sarah Smith '18Chris Robertson '19
5KeyKey SchoolZags6/8Harrison Koller '17Max Shapiro '20
Harrison Reisinger '18Alexander Abbott '18
Nicholas Papadopoulos '18Isadora Gallanar '17
Luke Koerschner '19
6BroadneckBroadneck High SchoolBruins6/9Katherine Bennett '18Maggie McKay '18
Emma Snead '19Brigid McKay '17
Phillip Schofield '17Nicole Ryan '18
Jasper Frazee '17Noelle Owen '19
7Christian BrothersChristian Brothers AcademyColts5/9Joe LaForgia '17John Cocozza '20
Chris Magno '17Justin Modin '19
Michael Ehnot '18Ryan Mullins '19
8AnnapolisAnnapolis High SchoolPanthers5/11George Kaye '18Kimberly Leonard '18
Nicholas Salvesen '18Jamey Macris '18
Remington King '17Ava Walker '19
Shalom Fadullon '18
Chris Adkins '19
9MercyMercy High SchoolVarsity0/14Gavin Bloom '17Bridget Taylor '20
Bridget Lawless '17Sarah Chew '18
Brent Penwarden '20Grace Taylor '18