MS High School Team Racing Championship


Sunday, March 26:

After canceling racing on Saturday do to danger of persistent storms including a frontal line with straight line winds of 43mph, we were under pressure to complete two round robins- a total of 20 races.

At 9:00 a Change Notice was posted and the L flag raised. Changes include removal of section D2 in its entirety, and also the need for sailors to raise a red flag for a protest. The time limit was also removed to allow for us to complete two round robins during the day.

Course was a Digital N pattern set just south of the Pass Christian Harbor. First start was at 10 AM with wind S at 6-7mph. Races were run consecutively with boat rotation taking place in the harbor. Most of the races were completed in an average of 10 minutes.

During the day the breeze built slowly and shifted marginally to SSE at 10-12mph. Last race was started at approximately 4:08 PM

There were 12 protests filed and heard. The Protest Committee disallowed 7 of the protests. For the prevailing protests, points, per RRS D Team Racing, were added to the scores as appropriated. Due to a tie for 2nd place, the Team Racing Tie Breaker Rules found in ISSA Proceedural Rules Part IV, Section 12.1 were applied. The tie was finally broken under rule (d) with St. Stanislaus College having the lowest total points scored in all races (86) to Gulfport's (90).

Prizes are awarded at approximately 8 PM for 1st- to Jesuit, 2nd- to St. Stanislaus, and 3rd- to Gulfport.

A followup request was received on Monday to reopen a protest between St. Stanislaus and Jesuit. Upon my review of the protest, the request was denied.

There were no breakdowns or equipment damage. One sailor was slightly injured when his foot was pinched between two boats.

Zeke Fairbank Regatta Chair

Note, upon consultation with the ISSA President, the interpretation of the tie breaker 12.1(d) was revised to only include races between the two tied teams. This resulted in a tie. Hence, Rule (e) was applied. All Gulfport won its last races against St. Stanislaus, 2nd Place and Mississippi High School Team Racing Champion goes to Gulfport and 3rd Place goes to St. Stanislaus. Coaches and District President have been advised.

Final Results

1Jesuit NOLAJesuit High School, NOLABlue Jays6/2Michael Haupt '17Daniel Leithman '17
Robert Argote '18Reece deBoisblanc '19
Miller Goldenberg '19Connor Housey '17
William Nance '18
*2GulfportGulfport High SchoolVarsity5/3Dawson Doucet '18Louis Doucet '20
Crockett Collier '21Bobby White '18 *
Thomas Pfaff '18Martha Ellis Omara '21
*3St. StanislausSt. StanislausRock-A-Chaws5/3Charles Breath '18Hanna Dawley '19
Michael Burns '21Wallace St. Paul '21
Joshua Grumme '20Frederick Cabell '19
Thomas Duffy '21Joel Grumme '21
William Diaz '20
4FairhopeFairhope High SchoolVarsity4/4Pete McGriff '20Parker Fench '21
Max Morgan '18Nathan Valentine '19
Liam Bishop '19Truitt Williams '19
5Ursuline AcademyUrsuline AcademyLions0/8Alana Austin '17Kennedy Cooper '20
Delaney Ligori '18Sarah Poche' '19
Tylar Warren '18Tylar Warren '18
Riley Reech '20Corinne Martin '20
Marigny Heller '20
Riley Reech '20
*Tie Broken ISSA Procedural Rules Part 4 Section 12.1(d)