National Invitational Tournament (Founders Trophy)


Saturday, May 27:

Challenging conditions ruled the day. 4-5 from the west, switching to the east made life for RC and and competitors frustrating.

42 races completed, few flags thrown.

Thank you to the volunteers and parents that helped out on the race course to make the event happen.

Special thanks to Indian Harbor YC Race Committee for their work.

Sunday, May 28:

After short postponement ashore, racing got underway in a building easterly around 11:30. The final 2 races of the RR were finished with 1 protest being heard and disallowed.

A gold and silver round robin were completed in a beautiful 5-8 ESE breeze. 2 protests filed, 1 heard resulting in 1 DSQ.

Thank you again to the coaches, sailors, and parents that made their way to Greenwich on Memorial Day weekend to sail.

Special thanks to the volunteers that gave up their holiday to further the sport of sailing and team racing in high school.

Thank you to all those who gave all for the ability to spend a weekend on the water.

Final Results

*1H. B. PlantH. B. Plant High SchoolPanthers11/2Connor Nelson '19Erica Brown '17
Charlie Curtis '17Audrey Perry '17
Andrw Burns '17Olivia McIntosh '18
**2Tabor AcademyTabor AcademySeawolves11/2CJ McKenna '18Nick Marshall '18
Jack Howard '19Cat Shakin '19
Blair Lalor '18Mimi MacIntyre '19
Anthony Minder '19Michael Collins '18
Jack Corbett '19
3GreenwichGreenwich High SchoolCardinals10/3James Westerberg '17Isabella Arnaboldi '17
Jack Scanlan '17Louisa Bjerke '18
Pierce Ornstein '18Peter Dunay '17
Isabella Clemens '18
4North KingstownNorth Kingstown High SchoolSkippers8/5Marina Barzaghi '17Adeline Sutton '17
Mikey O'Flaherty '17Kevin Stamp '18
Aidan Naughton '18Jaia Colongese '18
5KeyKey SchoolZags5/8Nicholas Papadopoulos '18Sarah Musante '17
Harrison Koller '17Luke Koerschner '19
Harrison Reisinger '18Max Shapiro '20
Isadora Gallanar '17
6OronoOrono High SchoolScarlet6/7Samuel Bartel '18Erik Sundberg '17
Rachel Bartel '20Archie Bolgar '19
Erich Pinske '18Helen McDonnell '17
Chase Blum '18
*7MinnetonkaMinnetonka High SchoolSkippers5/8Cort Vandlik '17Hannah Dillahunt '17
Graham Ness '19Connor Wacker '19
Carl Eaton '17Lexie Baker '19
Nate Olmsted '19Rowan O'Connell '20
Rita Usmanova '19
**8BroadneckBroadneck High SchoolBruins5/8Katherine Bennett '18Noelle Owen '19
Sander Miller '18Maggie McKay '18
Emma Snead '19Nicole Ryan '18
Carrie Jackson '18
9The HotchkissThe Hotchkiss SchoolBearcats4/9Christopher Lukens '19Gwyneth Howell '20
Anton de Lesseps '18Elissa Ito '19
Meredith Moran '19Elizabeth Koobatian '19
Tatiana Whitman '18
10New Trier HSNew Trier HSTrevian0/13Spencer Keenan '17Matthew Trunsky '17
Lolly Vasilion '18Noah Barton '19
Dylan Cotter '18Sammy Stoeber '20
Nathan Whisner '19Nathan Whisner '19
Will Plovanic '19
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)