NESSA O'Day Qualifier - Newport, RI


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Choate Rosemary HallChoate Rosemary Hall Wild Boars11335577
Daniel HandDaniel Hand Varsity22446688
DuxburyDuxbury Dragons33557799
Greenwich AcademyGreenwich Academy Gator4466881010
MiddletownMiddletown Islanders5577991111
Moses BrownMoses Brown Quakers668810101212
North KingstownNorth Kingstown Skippers779911111313
Portsmouth  RIPortsmouth RI Partriots881010121211
RogersRogers Vikings991111131322
St. George'sSt. George's Dragons101012121133
The ProutThe Prout Crusades111113132244
The WilliamsThe Williams Blues1212113355
WellesleyWellesley Raider1313224466

B Division

Choate Rosemary HallChoate Rosemary Hall Wild Boars22446688
Daniel HandDaniel Hand Varsity33557799
DuxburyDuxbury Dragons4466881010
Greenwich AcademyGreenwich Academy Gator5577991111
MiddletownMiddletown Islanders668810101212
Moses BrownMoses Brown Quakers779911111313
North KingstownNorth Kingstown Skippers881010121211
Portsmouth  RIPortsmouth RI Partriots991111131322
RogersRogers Vikings101012121133
St. George'sSt. George's Dragons111113132244
The ProutThe Prout Crusades1212113355
The WilliamsThe Williams Blues1313224466
WellesleyWellesley Raider11335577