VISA NCS Team Race Regatta


Saturday, April 1:

Perfect conditions met 10 teams from 8 Virginia high schools on the Lafayette River for team racing on a digital N course. Teams were able to complete 51 races. Winds were 5-15 mph with gusts into the 20's, from the west, with vacillations 30 degrees toward the south and 90 degrees to the north. Seas were relatively flat to just a bit lumpy.

For the first round, teams were divided into silver and gold competition based on practice experience during the season. All team 2's were silver. The second round included match races between the top two gold teams, a round robin between the bottom 3 silver teams, and a full round robin between the bottom 3 gold teams and the top 2 silver teams. The original plan was to have the bottom two ranked teams finish with the conclusion of this round. Norfolk Academy retired for the day, and Phoebus finished after this round. Remaining teams were then group ranked into final 4 and the next 4. At the conclusion of the final four, there was a three way tie between CCS 1, NCS, and CCS 2. CCS 2 lost the tie breaker to NCS. Coaches from CCS and NCS agreed to have CCS 2 take third place as a team 2, and to conduct a best 2 out of three sailoff to break the tie between NCS and CCS to rank the schools.

Congratulations to Christchurch School Team 1 for taking first place, Norfolk Collegiate School for taking second place, and Christchurch School Team 2 for taking third place.

Thanks to the volunteers who made this a smooth flowing regatta, especially PRO Ann Stokes.

Final Results

1ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses 210/1Brendan Little '18Jefferson Elkin '20
Marianna Guzman '19Galt Oliver '18
Nathan Smith '20Anna Flynn '20
John Vail '20Carson Rozell '19
Zoe Harding '18
2Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks5/6Ellie Maus '18Matt Wright '19
Parker Purrington '19Ray Domena '19
Hunter Kahler '17Hunter Kahler '17
Sarah Smith '18Chris Robertson '19
Daniel Vail '17Daniel Vail '17
3ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses 110/1Benton Amthor '19Sally Johnson '18
Boyd Bragg '19Eric DeMaro '18
Austin Freda '17Thomas Walker '17
John Vail '20Galt Oliver '18
Nathan Smith '20Benton Amthor '19
4YorkYork High SchoolVarsity4/7Zane Morris '18Portis Notathing 2 '16 *
Kylee Hockaday '17Portis Notathing '16 *
Daniel Hodges '18Charlie Gibson '20
5MauryMaury High SchoolCommodores 15/6Byron Armstrong '18Emily Palmer '18
Charlie Britt '20Sophia Bibbo '20
Tyler Cason '18Samuel Harris '18
6KecoughtanKecoughtan High SchoolWarriors5/6Cole Handly '19Grace Holloway '17
Sam Brady '19Ryan Nguyen '20
Bryce Hoen '18Oliva Whitehouse '17
7GraftonGrafton High SchoolVarsity4/5Haydon Gould '19Jacqueline Lankford '18
Capsize Again '16 *Christopher Raab '20
Madeline Amthor '22Capsize Again 2 '16 *
Capsize Again 2 '16 *Lenore Dougherty '20
8MauryMaury High SchoolCommodores 22/9Connor McCrillis '20Chloe Cowan '22
Andrew Redfearn '19Will Moore '20
Paul Trudell '22Jackson Walsh '20
Robert Chase '22
Carter Harris '18
9Norfolk AcademyNorfolk AcademyBulldogs4/2Michael Hostutler '20Unreported Sailor 2 '15 *
Carter Furr '17Unreported Sailor 1 '15 *
Ali Zaidi '20Mihir Damle '19
10PhoebusPhoebus High SchoolPhantoms0/6Blake Harrington '18Regan Yacobi '19
Morgan Handly '21David Michael Jennings '14
Ricky Cordner '19William Thornton '17