45th Massachusetts State High School Championship


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

BB&NBB&N Knights113355779
Belmont HillBelmont Hill Varsity2244668810
Boston CollegeBoston College Eagles3355779911
Boston LatinBoston Latin Wolfpack446688101012
Dover Sherborn RegDover Sherborn Reg Radiers5577991111BCH 1
DuxburyDuxbury Dragons6688101012121
HinghamHingham Hingham77991111BCH 1BCH 12
MarbleheadMarblehead Fishwagons8810101212113
SharonSharon Eagles991111BCH 1BCH 1224
St. Johns PrepSt. Johns Prep Eagles1010121211335
WaylandWayland Varsity1111BCH 1BCH 122446
WellesleyWellesley Raiders12121133557
WinchesterWinchester SachemsBCH 1BCH 12244668

B Division

BB&NBB&N Knights2244668810
Belmont HillBelmont Hill Varsity3355779911
Boston CollegeBoston College Eagles446688101012
Boston LatinBoston Latin Wolfpack5577991111BCH 1
Dover Sherborn RegDover Sherborn Reg Radiers6688101012121
DuxburyDuxbury Dragons77991111BCH 1BCH 12
HinghamHingham Hingham8810101212113
MarbleheadMarblehead Fishwagons991111BCH 1BCH 1224
SharonSharon Eagles1010121211335
St. Johns PrepSt. Johns Prep Eagles1111BCH 1BCH 122446
WaylandWayland Varsity12121133557
WellesleyWellesley RaidersBCH 1BCH 12244668
WinchesterWinchester Sachems113355779