Clipper Challenge


Saturday, April 7:

The 2018 Clipper Challenge was held in cool, breezy, shifty conditions under a bright blue sky at SailMaine in nearly brand new Turbo 420's. Yarmouth was delighted to host seven teams "from away." Andrew Burr and the Martha's Vineyard team took the prize for overcoming the most transportation challenges. The Regatta was oversubscribed by one team, and so each school was scheduled to sit out one flight. An amazing total of 72 races were sailed, masterfully managed by Yarmouth coach Myles Everett and Sailmaine Junior Sailing Director Bill Marshall. They were capably assisted by Falmouth Coach Dick Leveque (whose team wasn't even competing!), Alex, and the visiting coaches. Breakfast and a delicious hot lunch were efficiently served by the Yarmouth parents.

Falmouth, Portland and Chevrus sailed in the non-NESSA regatta on Sunday. Miles, Bill, and Sam Alexander ran a thoroughly enjoyable set of races. The weather was cold, moderately breezy out of the North, with sun obscured by high thin clouds. After a generous breakfast provided by Yarmouth parents, the sailors enjoyed spirited racing until so many of their fingers froze off that they could no longer trim the sheets.

Henry Skinner


Note: Preliminary results; teams ranked by winning percentage.

1BB&NBB&N - Buckingham Browne and NicholsKnights6/0Frankie Doyle '18Zoe Ting '18
Danny Noenickx '18Claire Zhang '19
Trevor Donovan '18Robert Brower '18
Brooke Shachoy '18Lidia Goldberg '18
Theodore Lukin-Yelin '18Lydia Austin '19
Emma Harden '20Laila Shadid '19
Ilsa Weinert '21
Emma Harden '20
2Barnstable HSBarnstable HSRaiders5/0Matt Hersey '18Mikayla Mathieu '18
Margo Silliman '20Chuck Nystrom '19
Caroline Martone '18Caroline Lewis '20
John Cilizzi '19Caleb Sonnabend '18
Lilly Mathieu '19
3Boothbay RHSBoothbay RHSSeaHawks Gold4/2Nolan Conlin '18Andrea Gutierrez '20
Hamilton Barclay '22Ella Beauregard '21
Nate Rideout '21Henry Currier '22
4Camden HillsCamden Hills RHSChills3/2Levitt Hugh '18Mann Jessica '19
Morin Simon '18Williams Annabelle '20
Calvin James '18Brott Emerson '21
*5Marthas Vineyard RegMarthas Vineyard RHSVineyarders2/3Coltrane Leport '18Menasha Leport '21
Taylor Blair '20Felix Colon '21
Ava Maggi '21Greta Gannon '18
*5The ProutThe Prout SchoolCrusaders2/3Payton Canavan '19Mikaela Kimpton '18
Avery Canavan '21Laura Borges '20
Isabella De Santis '20Sarah Simkivech '18
7YarmouthYarmouth High SchoolClippers1/4Abby VanLonkhuyzen '19Nicolas Paulo '21
Sophia Skinner '18MacKenzie Peloquin '19
Sandy Yale '21Anna Parker '18
8Islesboro CentralIslesboro Central SchoolEagles1/5Annika Rogers '18Finn Gibson '19
Emily Lau '19Sophie Lau '21
Rylee Sienkiewicz '20Pia Gibson '21
9PortlandPortland High SchoolBulldogs0/5Hal Clews '19Lucy Kilbreth '20
John Holt '18Jondall Norris '20
Elizabeth Thompson '18Eamon Browne '18
*Tie stands