DC Sail JV Fleet Race


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AnnapolisAnnapolis Panthers1133557
Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop Spalding Cavaliers221414668
Bethesda - Chevy ChaBethesda - Chevy Cha Battlin' Baron3355779
BroadneckBroadneck Bruins1414668810
Georgetown Day Georgetown Day55779911
Indian CreekIndian Creek Eagles668810101
Leonardtown HighLeonardtown High Raiders779911112
North EastNorth East Road Warriors881010113
Severna ParkSeverna Park Falcons9911112214
St. Marys  (MD)St. Marys (MD) Saints101011335
Unregistered-MASSA Pirates11112214146

B Division

AnnapolisAnnapolis Panthers221414668
Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop Spalding Cavaliers3355779
Bethesda - Chevy ChaBethesda - Chevy Cha Battlin' Baron1414668810
BroadneckBroadneck Bruins55779911
Georgetown Day Georgetown Day668810101
Indian CreekIndian Creek Eagles779911112
Leonardtown HighLeonardtown High Raiders881010113
North EastNorth East Road Warriors9911112214
Severna ParkSeverna Park Falcons101011335
St. Marys  (MD)St. Marys (MD) Saints11112214146
Unregistered-MASSA Pirates1133557