GPS Team Race

Ranking summary

Note: Preliminary results; order may not be accurate due to unbroken ties and incomplete round robins.

1Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High SchoolBlue5/0100.0
2NoviNovi High SchoolMixed4/180.0
*3Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High SchoolGold3/175.0
**4West BloomfieldWest Bloomfield High SchoolMIXED Green3/175.0
5GrovesGroves High SchoolMixed2/166.7
6Traverse City CentraTraverse City CentralTCC Mixed2/250.0
b7Cranbrook KingswoodCranbrook KingswoodCK Mixed2/340.0
b7Traverse City WestTraverse City WestTCW Mixed2/340.0
9Mercy  - MIMercy High School - MIMIXED Maroon1/325.0
10Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High SchoolWhite (Mixed)0/40.0
11Brother Rice (MI)Brother Rice/Marian High School - MIBRMS Blue-mixed0/50.0
*Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)
bTie stands


Grosse Pointe South High School White (Mixed)9DSQ11 points (Orig: 5)

Round 1

↓ vs →RecordGrosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe SouthTraverse City CentraTraverse City WestNoviCranbrook KingswoodWest BloomfieldBrother Rice (MI)GrovesMercy - MI
Grosse Pointe South Blue5-0XW (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)
Grosse Pointe South Gold3-1XW (1-2-4)L (2-4-5)W (1-2-4)W (1-3-4)
Grosse Pointe South White (Mixed)0-4L (4-5-6)XL (1-4-5 DSQ)L (3-4-5)L (2-5-6)
Traverse City Centra TCC Mixed2-2L (3-5-6)XL (4-5-6)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-6)
Traverse City West TCW Mixed2-3L (4-5-6)W (2-3-6)XL (3-4-6)L (4-5-6)W (1-2-3)
Novi Mixed4-1L (4-5-6)W (1-3-6)W (1-2-3)XW (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)
Cranbrook Kingswood CK Mixed2-3L (4-5-6)W (1-2-6)L (4-5-6)XL (2-4-6)W (1-2-6)
West Bloomfield MIXED Green3-1L (3-5-6)W (1-2-5)W (1-3-5)XW (1-2-3)
Brother Rice (MI) BRMS Blue-mixed0-5L (4-5-6)L (3-4-6)L (4-5-6)L (4-5-6)XL (4-5-6)
Groves Mixed2-1W (1-2-3)L (3-4-5)W (1-2-3)X
Mercy - MI MIXED Maroon1-3L (2-5-6)W (1-3-4)L (3-4-5)L (4-5-6)X