MASSA Team Championship Baker Qualifier


Saturday, April 28:

Racing began at 10 am. The breeze was light and shifty causing the need for many course adjustments. The Race Committee was able to complete one full round robin and moved into the second round robin up to race 61. Racing ended around 5 pm. By the end of the day the breeze had picked up to a solid 10- 15 knots.

Sunday, April 29:

Racing began around 10 am in a pretty strong breeze and cooler temperatures. Considering how puffy and shifty it was, a few boats capsized throughout the day.

After completing the second round robin around 1 pm it was was clear who the top 4 teams were, and the final four was sailed. Congratulations to Severn School for winning the event and moving on to the Baker Team Race National Championship in San Diego, CA. Christchurch placed second and will also have a chance to compete for the National Title. Norfolk Collegiate and Locust Valley placed 3rd and 4th, and will move on to the NIT hosted by Rochester YC later in May.

Thank you to the teams that traveled to compete! And thank you to our team of volunteers!

PRO: Mark Bennett Julie Fitzgerald Jim and Anu Golden Craig Leonard Frances Fadullon Jennie Snead Jill Bennett Carrie Walker Fredrick and Missy Salvesen Matt Johnson Randy Bollinger Umpires: Cole Allsopp, Geff Lampshire, Porter Kavle, Megan Place, Margaret Podlich, Brendan Shanahan, Gabe Smith, Josh Morrison, Remington King

Final Results

1SevernSevern SchoolAdmirals17/3Mariner Fagan '20Caroline McNeil '18
Madeline Hawkins '20Camille White '18
Jordan Bruce '20Blair Reilly '18
Caroline Bayless '19Abby Tindall '19
Ryan Wahba '20
2ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses17/3Benton Amthor '19Galt Oliver '18
Mariana Guzman Casas '19Nathan Smith '20
Boyd Bragg '19Sally Johnson '18
Nathan Smith '20Reese Bragg '21
Carson Rozell '19
Jeff Elkin '20
3Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks14/6Ellie Maus '18Matt Wright '19
Parker Purrington '19Jenks Britt '20
Chris Robertson '19Sarah Smith '18
Sarah Smith '18Chris Robertson '19
Jon Krueger '20
Sam Beck '21
4Locust ValleyLocust Valley High SchoolFalcons10/10Jack DeNatale '18Caroline Martocci '18
Nick Chisari '18Julianna Corso '18
Torey Chisari '20Bernadette Gunther '18
5Rumson-Fair HavenRumson-Fair HavenBulldogs8/9Colleen O'Brien '20Amelia Buch '20
Michaela O'Brien '20Claire Haynes '19
Shaanti Choi-Bose '19Joey Cooner '19
Patrick Modin '19
6St. Marys  (MD)St. Mary's High School (MD)Saints7/10Eddie Langemak '19Allison Forsyth '18
James Golden '20Amelia Johnson '21
Michael Bisson '18Juliette Troxell '21
Henry Andress '18
7BroadneckBroadneck High SchoolBruins6/11Emma Snead '19Nicole Ryan '18
Katherine Bennett '18Sean Jahnige '18
Sander Miller '18Maggie McKay '18
Alex Heim '20Lucien Parker '20
Sean Jahnige '18Julia Tucker '18
8AnnapolisAnnapolis High SchoolPanthers4/13Kimberly Leonard '18Ava Walker '19
Nicholas Salvesen '18Chris Adkins '19
Thomas Johnson '19Shalom Fadullon '18
Isabella Fadullon '21
9Christian BrothersChristian Brothers AcademyColts4/13Michael Ehnot '18John Cocozza '20
Jack Harrington '18Justin Modin '19
Ryan Mullins '19Joseph David '20
10Southwestern CentralSouthwestern Central High SchoolTrojans0/9No Show 3 '18 *No Show 2 '18 *
No Show 5 '18 *No Show 4 '18 *
No Show 6 '18 *