NESSA Team Racing Tournament (Terk Trophy)


Saturday, May 19:

The NESSA Team Racing Tournament for the Terk Trophy opened with a double round robin of eight teams, 56 races. The wind was from the east at 10-12, gusting to 20, with a persistent misty rain. The teams were selected using coaches poll and a computer ranking algorithm based on their team racing results through the spring season. The top 8 teams were invited to compete for the Mark Trophy while the second group of eight teams were invited to compete for the Terk Trophy. As in recent years, the Mark was run at the same venue as the Terk, interleaving flights of 3 races for each event. The Mark was sailed in CFJs while the Terk was sailed in Fireflys.

There was 1 protest in each round, both of which were disallowed.

Sunday, May 20:

The NESSA Team Racing Tournament for the Terk Trophy was decided by the double round robin championship round of 12 races today. Overnight the breeze swung from the east to west-southwest with slightly more velocity, 15 gusting to 25. With scores carrying over from yesterday, the day started with three teams tied for first place with 12 wins and 2 losses each. After some tightly contested races, Boston College High School took the honors and the right to represent NESSA at the National Invitational Tourament.

Many thanks to MIT Sailing for hosting the event. Stew Craig did a stellar job fixing boats as things broke during the two days, allowing us to stay on schedule. NESSA is very fortunate for the continuing support of high school sailing by MIT Sailing.

Thanks also go out to the umpire crew: Brent Jansen (CHUMP, Saturday), etc. Thanks also to the many coaches that volunteered to man the finish boat and record scores. The event chair was Andrew Burr [Martha's Vineyard RHS]. The PRO was Andrew Nugnes [Falmouth HS MA] who ran the races from the start boat. The scorer was NESSA's Stat Geek, Carl Zimba.

Congratulations to all the participants for well-sailed races and a high level of sportsmanship. Best wishes to Boston College HS at the National Invitational Tournament.

Final Results

1Boston CollegeBoston College High SchoolEagles16/4Bedford Will '18Creamer Zachary '19
Graziano Nick '19Buckeridge Tyler '19
Bell Jed '18Swanson Chet '19
Buckeridge Tyler '19Moreira Simon '18
Dromey Patrick '20Devine Shea '20
2Barnstable HSBarnstable HSRaiders14/6Joshua Hersey '20Mikayla Mathieu '18
Caroline Martone '18Caroline Lewis '20
John Cilizzi '19Riley Mee '18
Taylor Eastman '20Chuck Nystrom '19
3BB&NBB&N - Buckingham Browne and NicholsKnights12/8Brooke Shachoy '18Lidia Goldberg '18
Frankie Doyle '18Zoe Ting '18
Danny Noenickx '18Emma Harden '20
4SharonSharon High SchoolEagles11/9Arthur Rabinovich '18Lynn Fu '18
Kevin Li '18Eddie Bielawa '20
Colin Snow '18Alissa Chen '18
Ben Xu '18Merrick Tian '18
5Moses BrownMoses Brown SchoolQuakers6/8Aili Moffet '19Francie Elliot '18
Alexander Runci '19Greta Shuster '21
Henry Lee '20Skyler Sullivan '18
Maddy Kerr '19
Olivia Klipfel '21
Grace Sawicki '19
Niku Angier '19
Olivia Rocchio-Giordano '21
6Fairfield PrepFairfield PrepJesuits4/10Jamie Paul '20Ronan Flynn '18
Chase Reynolds '20Sean Sullivan '21
Garrett Cutler '20Roberto Chadwick '20
7Portsmouth AbbeyPortsmouth Abbey SchoolRavens3/11Evan Boyd '19Ceci Bohan '20
Gabe Sotomayor '18Aidan Brown '20
Faith Cournoyer '19Jackie Morrison '18
Patrick Flanigan '19Jenna Palmer '20
David Sozanski '19
Zack Bartley '20
Ashley Breyer '20
8Marthas Vineyard RegMarthas Vineyard RHSVineyarders2/12Patrick Flahrety '20Menasha Leport '21
Coltrane Leport '18Trent Bilodeau '21
Joe Serpa '20Abigail Hammerlund '20
Zach Ward '21Caleb Burt '21