New York State Champs


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Buffalo SeminaryBuffalo Seminary Red-Tailed Hawks11335
CanisiusCanisius Crusaders22446
FairportFairport Red Raiders 133557
FairportFairport Red Raiders 244668
Harley Allendale ColHarley Allendale Col Wolves55779
MercyMercy Monarchs 1668810
MercyMercy Monarchs 2779911
Pittsford SutherlandPittsford Sutherland Knights88101012
Southwestern CentralSouthwestern Central Trojans 199111113
Southwestern CentralSouthwestern Central Trojans 21010121214
St. Joseph's Collegi Marauders111113131
Unregistered-MASSA Pirates 1121214142
Unregistered-MASSA Pirates 21313113
Unregistered-MASSA Pirates 31414224

B Division

Buffalo SeminaryBuffalo Seminary Red-Tailed Hawks22446
CanisiusCanisius Crusaders33557
FairportFairport Red Raiders 144668
FairportFairport Red Raiders 255779
Harley Allendale ColHarley Allendale Col Wolves668810
MercyMercy Monarchs 1779911
MercyMercy Monarchs 288101012
Pittsford SutherlandPittsford Sutherland Knights99111113
Southwestern CentralSouthwestern Central Trojans 11010121214
Southwestern CentralSouthwestern Central Trojans 2111113131
St. Joseph's Collegi Marauders121214142
Unregistered-MASSA Pirates 11313113
Unregistered-MASSA Pirates 21414224
Unregistered-MASSA Pirates 311335