SAISA District Team Race Champs


Saturday, May 5:

The SAISA Baker Champs were held on the North Lake in Hollywood, Florida, just off the Intracoastal Waterway. Seven Teams were registered to complete, sailing in 12 College FJS. The wind on Saturday started out at northeast, moved to east, then to southeast. All day, the conditions were up and down, from 5-10 mph, with some wildly light wind gyrations at the finish because of condominium interference when the wind had its northeast and east components earlier in the day.

Thank you to Race Committee Chairs: Suzanne & Chip Sabadash; & Vice Chair: Beth Rielly; PRO: Peter Commette; Start Boat Connie Commette, Todd & Karin Correll (Saturday), Ted Morley (Sunday); Finish Boat: Phil Rielly, Jorge Agnese, David & Tracey Williford & Mike Redmond; Umpires: Phil Pape, Carol Robinson, John Fox, Will Cooper, Deborah Willitz, & Rob Rowlands; Boatswain: Brian Buckley, Launch/Beach Master: Paul Weber; Mark Boat: Kevin Boland & Bob Meagher; Scoring Robin Meagher & Diane Boland; Breakfast: Lynn Dixon & Lucy Reed; Lunch: Mary DuPlessis, Tina Neville, Carolyn Redmond; Registration: Debbie Fitzgerald; Park Logistics: Steve Buckley; Trophies: Jennifer Juskiewicz, and all STA Volunteers & Parents pitching in.

Sunday, May 6:

On Sunday, the race committee had to wait for an hour for the wind to come in. When it did, the wind was 5-10 from the Southeast, building to 8-12, with gusts of 15 from the south. Three full Round Robins with a total of 63 races were completed over 2 days. Congratulations to Antilles High School for 1st place, to St. Thomas Aquinas HS for 2nd place

Final Results

1AntillesAntilles SchoolHurricanes15/3Christopher Sharpless '19Rayne Duff '21
Mia Nicolosi '21Robert Hunter '18
Teddy Nicolosi '19Mateo Di Blasi '21
Mateo Di Blasi '21Gillian Perrell '20
Robert Hunter '18Mia Nicolosi '21
Rayne Duff '21Victoria Flatley '20
2Saint Thomas AquinasSt. Thomas Aquinas High SchoolRaiders14/4Chase Sabadash '18Kenna Reed '20
Conner Boland '21Isa du Plessis '20
Conner Correll '18Bobby Rielly '21
Joey Meagher '20Libby Redmond '20
Libby Redmond '20Caroline DuBoise-Weber '19
3Ransom EvergladesRansom Everglades SchoolRaiders11/7Tucker Weed '18Maddie Sharp '18
Javier Garcon '21Adam Kaplan '21
Julia Johansson '19Bernat Miro '19
Paul Lobree '18Kat Cochran '18
4Gulliver PreparatoryGulliver Preparatory SchoolRaiders10/8Clay Snyder '18Karen Liberman '20
Daniel Hughes '21Teddy Bueres '19
Kyle Bramson '20Matthew Bueres '21
Roberto Lugones '20
5H. B. PlantH. B. Plant High SchoolPanthers6/12Connor Nelson '19Tee Chulikavit '19
Brandon Geller '19Dominic Canonico '19
Sean Toro '19Spencer Brooks '19
6Shorecrest PrepShorecrest Preparatory SchoolChargers5/13Elizabeth Shanahan '19Lily Schneider '19
Heather Kerns '20Zuri Patel '20
Heidi Hicks '21Thomas Cura '21
7SarasotaSarasota High SchoolSailors2/16Matthew King '20KAILIN FOSTER '20
Andrew Florio '20Dan Keim '19
Will Murray '20Luke Johnson '19