VISA Team Race Chmpionship


Thursday, April 19:

Meeting at NYCC after school on a moderate spring day with the temperature hovering around 60 and winds west of north at 10-15 with stiff gusts 5 VISA teams met for the VISA Team Racing Championship.

After completing a full round robin with the top 4 teams, teams were ranked and completed a round robin with the bottom 3 teams, a match between the middle two teams and 5 matches between the top two teams.

Christchurch School dominated with 8 wins and Norfolk Collegiate School took second place. Best wishes to both of these teams at the MASS Mallory Qualifier.

Final Results

1ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses8/0Benton Amthor '19Anna Flynn '20
Duke Cowart '19Clare Elden Gaule '21
Boyd Bragg '19Louie LaFevre '17
John Vail '20Reese Bragg '21
Nathan Smith '20Galt Oliver '18
Reese Bragg '21
Galt Oliver '18
2Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks2/6Ellie Maus '18Matt Wright '19
Sarah Smith '18Jenks Britt '20
Parker Purrington '19Jon Krueger '20
Chris Robertson '19Sam Beck '21
3Nansemond-Suffolk AcNansemond-Suffolk AcademySaints2/1Harrison Parker '18Jack Butler '23
Kyle Pfrang '22Hunter Sznoluch '19
Unreported Sailor '19 *Unreported Sailor 2 '19 *
4MauryMaury High SchoolCommodores2/4Jalen Rogers '19Sophia Bibbo '20
Paul Trudell '22Emily Palmer '18
Tyler Cason '18Kate Weaver '18
5KecoughtanKecoughtan High SchoolWarriors1/4Morgan Handly '21Megan Geith '20
Cole Handly '19Laura Rhodes '20
Sam Brady '19Ryan Nguyen '20