Lake St. Clair Classic Team Race Regatta


Saturday, May 18:

Winds East 6-12 knots with up to 1 foot waves. Rain in the morning with clouds breaking to nicer sunny conditions. Occurring at the same time was the Great Lakes Boating Festival at Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. An audience was spectating from the Marine Activity Center and on microphone was alternating Wally Cross, Emily Simon, and Brian Williams commentating for good “teaching moments” and the sailors did learn a lot from this Tier 3 Team Race. Grosse Pointe South Save the Lakes student group initiative was to make this regatta a Clean Regatta and students and volunteers were cognizant of reducing, reusing and recycling throughout the regatta. Judges John Walton and Blake Stackpoole continually monitored the team racing on the course. All incidences were resolved on the water with no protest hearings. A full set of rotations (36 races) was met by 13:30. There was 2 hours left in available racing time. The Race Committee consulted with MISSA rep Brian Williams, who recommended scorer Julie Dziuba set up the Gold and Silver rounds.

Gretchen Carron, PRO

Final Results

1Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High SchoolBlue8/0Ellie Groustra '22Dominic Dulac '20
Lucas Bellamy '20Gwen Hudson '20
Lauren Carron '24Doug Cowan '22
2Cranbrook KingswoodCranbrook KingswoodCK Mixed7/1Adrian Stone '20Madison Fan '20
Henry Gonzalez '21Paige Gorman '21
Charlie Gonzalez '23Bonnie Zhu '20
3Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High SchoolGold6/2Charlie Gmeiner '23Andrew Michels '21
Julia Hudson '20Eva Paschke '20
Quinn Cassidy '23Dominic Palazzolo '23
4West BloomfieldWest Bloomfield High SchoolLakers Varsity5/3Isabel Dziuba '19Jack Bull '19
Matthew Elliott '20Walter Paliga '22
Nicole Millerman '19Jake Elsen '21
5Mercy  - MIMercy University of Detroit JesuitMUDJ4/4Jenna Kozal '20Sadie MillerWright '22
Marina Lamphier '20Katie Ruffing '21
Nick Myneni '22Mike Moore '20
6Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High SchoolGold Mixed3/5Ryan Hexter '21Aidan King '21
Shay Gualdoni '21Joshua Scott '19
Devin Doghtery '21Will Hilborn '22
7Brother Rice (MI)Brother Rice/Marian High School - MIBRMS Blue2/6Owen Bannasch '22Teresa Nunez '19
Chas Mathius-Baliatico '22Lilly Neill '19
Madison Paulus '20Bleu Borromeo '22
8Cranbrook KingswoodCranbrook KingswoodArmadillos1/7Bill Fan '20Andrew Lu '21
Henry Gonzalez '21Lauren Winegarden '20
Gefei (Ken) Zhu '21Hognyi (Tony) Lu '21
9Detroit Country DayDetroit Country Day SchoolMIXED Blue0/8Ethan Lee '19Meghan Guo '19
Joe Mowrey '21Michael Williams '20
Vinny Paliga '24Dwight Ellis '21