NYISA-SE Team Race


Thursday, April 11:

Four NYISA-SE teams competed for the league team race championship on April 11 at American YC, hosted by Rye HS. This event was brought together after the originally scheduled event at SUNY Maritime was abandoned due to lack of wind. Thank you to everyone for coordinating the logistics of these events including Kevin Broome, Zach Runci, and Alicia Martorella. Two rounds were completed and 1 sail-off was held to break the tie between 3rd and 4th. Congratulations to Rye HS and Stony Brook School for qualifying for the MASSA Baker Team Race in Norfolk, VA.

Final Results

1RyeRye High SchoolGarnets6/0Michelle Lahrkamp '19Kim Hahnbie '20
Lahrkamp Vanessa '22Van der Voort Constantyn '19
Matthew Wallace '21Van der Voort Elizabeth '21
Quirke Jacqueline '21Madeline Saffer '20
2The Stony BrookThe Stony Brook SchoolBears4/2Thomas DeRose '19Margaret Hunt '19
Jack Crager '20Ella Simmons '20
Will Meitz '19Isabella Seminario '22
*3Rye Country DayRye Country Day SchoolWildcats1/5Jaume Pujadas '20Alexa Shea '22
Josie Yeager '20Grant Halpern '22
Tyler Gilman '20Andrew Lemley '22
**4MamaroneckMamaroneck High SchoolTigers1/5Lizzy Kaplan '19Lily Donnelly '21
Wyatt Bischoff '21Clara Hewson '20
Charlie Roseberry '20Natalie Manley '20
*Total points scored when tied teams met (20)
**Total points scored when tied teams met (22)