Olympia Gold Team Race Regatta


Saturday, March 16:

Budd Inlet delivered a light but steady northerly under blue skies and sun. The venue allowed for great spectating especially from the Port Plaza watch tower, and swift rotations with a finish line only a minutes from the rotation dock. Teams enjoyed perusing the Olympia Farmer's Market, one of the best in the state with many amenities and treats.

But let's talk racing! Wins and losses were traded all around as 9 Gold teams from the District put their Team Racing skills to the test for the first time this season. The umpires were impressed with the level of competition witnessed. Teams competed with tenacity, intensity and great sportsmanship - shaking hands after some of the most contentious races.

We could not have had such a successfull event without PRO Casey Pruitt running races with efficiency and aplomb. As well as all our lovely RC volunteers. Big thanks to Umpires Norm, Craig, Garner and Joe for all their hard work. Finally, thank you to all the parents on-shore making the event run smoothly. This was yet another fantastic Olympia Regatta 'neath the Capitol's dome.

Final Results

1OlympiaOlympia High SchoolBears 17/1Erin Pamplin '20Autumn Vandehey '20
Owen Timms '19Evan Krug '19
Sam Bonauto '21Jasper Navarro Hummel '22
*2BainbridgeBainbridge High SchoolSpartans 16/2Max Doane '20Lola White '22
Zach Cooper '20Trevor Royset '21
Barret Lhamon '22Zane Walker '22
**3RooseveltRoosevelt High SchoolRough Riders6/2Sam Kimmel '20Abbie Chipps '21
Miles Williams '20Colin Baker '21
Alden McGonagle '21Matthew Lindberg '21
*4OlympiaOlympia High SchoolBears 24/4Ella Hubbard '22Fiona Murphy '21
Kevin Hicks '19Erin Winans '23
Evan Glasgow '22Caleb Roberts '22
Finn McClure '23Finn McClure '23
Peter Kelleher '22Evan Glasgow '22
**5Gig HarborGig Harbor High SchoolTides4/4Axel Stordahl '20Skylar Kimble '22
Dayne Hall '22Corinne Harrison '23
Carlos Rivas '22Ripley Morris '19
*6BallardBallard High SchoolBeavers3/5Erik Anderson '21Johnny Vahey '22
Catie Vandervort '22Caroline Lochner '22
Isabelle McNabb '22 *Tristan Bryant '19 *
**7CapitalCapital High SchoolCougars3/5Annie Buelt '20Ann Li '20
Robert Bloomfield '22Avian de Keizer-Mendoza '23
Caroline Hurley '20Ellie Davis '21
Joy Brennan '20Robert Bloomfield '22
Avian de Keizer-Mendoza '23
8BainbridgeBainbridge High SchoolSpartans 22/6Lindsay Campbell '20Arianna Fiore '21
Dane Petrakis '21Grace Frei '22
Gus Beer '19Jack Turkovich '22
9GarfieldGarfield High SchoolBulldogs1/7Kira Blumhagen '21Ella Barnard '20 *
Colin Olson '22Aidan Kemper '19
Emilia Garcia-Bompadre '19Max Pleskoff '20
*Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)