SSP Team Race


Saturday, April 27:

Sailors from 17 NWISA silver fleet teams were greeted by a sustained 22-25mph northerly with some gusts as high as 32. After a 1030 competitors meeting the breeze had dropped to 15-18, so boats were rigged and RC went out and set a course. After a short postponement, races began around 1145, 19 races were completed over the the next few hours.

Unfortunately by 1315 the pressure subsided and dueling westerlies, and even some southerlies plagued the racing area off the SSP pier. After chasing the breeze for a bit, to no avail, a wicked squall with the largest gusts of the day (!) touched down from the WNW leading to several capsizes and an on shore postponement.

After the breeze settled to a more management 5-10, more races were completed. The last few races of the day were sailed in another touch of 20-25mph pressure from the north; all in all a uniquely wild and exciting day on the waters of Lake Washington.

Sunday, April 28:

RC were faced with the daunting task of completing the qualifying round (which consisted of two concurrent round robins featuring teams from NWISAs two regions) and completing some sort of secondary round to spar the top teams from each region. The breeze needed to deliver and deliver consistently, and it 'kinda did?'

An intriguing forecast was not quite right; Lake Washington was sun soaked and glassy until 1115 when a faint NNW breeze touched down from over the hill. With more wind seen approaching from the north, RC mustered and racing began soon after. What settling in was an up and down northerly which went from 5-10 to 10-15 by 1430 as the qualifying round was completed.

After talking with coaches, it was decided to race past the end time in order to complete the champion round allowing the top 3 teams from each region to spar in the building breeze. What followed was the best racing of the weekend, pitting Lincoln, CK and Olympia against Nathan Hale, Roosevelt and Garfield (north being represented by all Seattle schools). A 15 race final round was completed in less than two hours, leaving these sailors tired but accomplished.

Congrats to the Lincoln Cardinals for a solid team-wide performance and to their winning team which went undefeated all weekend. 1st place in this year's silver fleet team race districts. Roosevelt and Central Kitsap rounded out the podium.

Big thanks to Sail Sand Point staff and volunteers for a solid weekend of racing, including RC duo extraordinaire Glen Stellmacher and John Renehan, and their committee of Bob, Cara, Blake, Farzana, Austin and El. Also thanks to Erik Mann and the rest of the coaches for banding together to umpire and officiate.

Final Results

1Lincoln ORLincoln High School - Portland, ORCardinals 313/0Peter Schnell '22Leo Bieniek '20
Casey Picket '20Mikaela Lee '20
Teddy Gao '23Cyrian Le Breton '21
Everett McAvoy '21
2RooseveltRoosevelt High SchoolRough Riders9/3Lucien Freemesser '23 *Luka Moonen '23 *
Jack Koliha '23 *Jaxon Gordon '21
Danny Juan '23Johnny Satterlee '19
Willem Patrick '21
3Central KitsapCentral Kitsap High SchoolCougars 18/5Tyler Nolasco '19Jonathan Beil '23
Claire Jablonski '19Tia-Jane Fowler '23
Jeffrey Scholfield '23Annelisa Ayars '20
Michael Ramsdell '23
Jazmine Clewis '19
4GarfieldGarfield High SchoolBulldogs7/5Kira Blumhagen '21Alice Curtis '22
Colin Olson '22Everett Rendon '21 *
Emilia Garcia-Bompadre '19Soren Althoff '22
Aragorn Crozier '20
5OlympiaOlympia High SchoolBears7/6Ella Hubbard '22
Ian Connolly '21
Jasper Navarro Hummel '22
6Nathan Hale HSNathan Hale High SchoolRaiders6/6Dexter Shafer-White '22Zoe Plattner '20
Zoe Plattner '20Ella Barnard '20
Jed Shridhar '19 *Zephyr Gilmore '21
Isabelle Mcnabb '22 *Willem Patrick '21
Kirsten Alderson '23
7Lincoln ORLincoln High School - Portland, ORCardinals 16/2Sam Hopper '20Everett McAvoy '21
Etienne Quille '21Julian Tianna '21
Kieran Banyard '23Sammie Tessier '22
Cyrian Le Breton '21
8BellinghamBellingham High SchoolRaiders4/3
9Port TownsendPort Townsend High SchoolRedhawks3/4Henry Stier '20Jenna Hiegel '21
Jack Gibbons '20Viola Frank '22
Mary Darcy '21Landon Pol '24
Chance Bates '21Odin Smith '21
10Oak HarborOak Harbor High SchoolWildcats3/4Ben Servatius '22Colin Byler '23
Thomas Buys '22Andrew Buys '21
Liam Chapman '22Natalie Plush '20
Maggie Garrett '24
Kaitlin Mann '23
Catherine Wicker '20
11SehomeSehome High SchoolMariners3/4
12BainbridgeBainbridge High SchoolSpartans3/5
13Central KitsapCentral Kitsap High SchoolCougars 23/5Annelisa Ayars '20Matthew Baerg '22
Cormac Burke '22Stefan Anthony '22
Jack Gibbons '20Willy Walden '24
Henry Stier '20Jenna Hiegel '21
14Lincoln ORLincoln High School - Portland, ORCardinals 23/5Megan Waller '20Sean McMaster '21
Annika Philips '20Piper Easton '21
Ella Notdurft '21Zach Hoffman '21
15North KitsapNorth Kitsap High SchoolDogfish1/7
16AnacortesAnacortes High SchoolSeahawks0/7
17KingstonKingston High SchoolVarsity0/8Morgan Chandler '20Thomas Emling '23
Trenton Filben '23Cole Lennette '22
Finnegan McMullen '24Reagan Johnson '23
Victor Taylor '23Finnegan McMullen '24
Talia Clarke '22James Huffman '23