VISA NCS Team Race Championship


Saturday, April 6:

10 teams from 7 VISA schools gathered on the Lafayette River for the Team Race Championship under overcast skies with just a little bit of rain midday. Shifty light winds with gusts to 10mph initially presented east of north East of North and clocked to true northeast by the end of the regatta. Seas were flat.

Initially the top 7 seeded teams completed a full round robin interwoven with the 3 round robins for the bottom 3 seeded teams. Teams were then ranked and reseeded into locked rank groups consisting of top 4, middle 4, and bottom 2. The top 4 round, middle 4 round and three bottom 2 matches were interwoven and completed. See attached rotation on the notice board for actual order of races. Final rankings are based on scores from the last rounds only.

Christchurch School Team 2 took first place with 8 wins and one loss, followed by Christchurch School Team 1 in second place, and Norfolk Collegiate Team 1 in third place.

Greatest thanks to Ann Stokes and Phil Purrington and all of the VISA volunteers for running the races.

Final Results

*1ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses 27/2Mariana Guzman Casas '19Jeff Elkin '20
Duke Cowart '19Kennedy Jones '20
John Vail '20Anna Flynn '20
*2ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses 18/1Boyd Bragg '19Reese Bragg '21
Benton Amthor '19Louie LaFevre '17
Nathan Smith '20Lucas Masiello '19
*3Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks 16/3Parker Purrington '19Ray Domena '19
Chris Robertson '19Matt Wright '19
Harrison Thomson '22Sam Beck '21
*4Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks 23/6Henry Allgeier '23 *Ali Zaidi '20 *
Robert Chase '22Jon Krueger '20
Alex Schuck '21Michael Polsinelli '23
**5PoquosonPoquoson High SchoolIslanders4/5Jack McKenna '20Ashlyn Wise '21
Chase Brewer '22Aubrey Walton '23
Kyle Pfrang '22Claire DiCarlo '22
Olivia Gilmore '23
Barrett Wise '23
MollyPaige Deans '19 *
Emery Hill '23
**6YorkYork High SchoolVarsity3/6Justin Kelly '25Ethan White '21
Brian Fox '19Charlie Gibson '20
David Hanna '21Christopher Raab '20
**7ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses 37/2Charlie Li '20Patty Wei '20
Jeronimo Guzman '21Sarah Graves '20
Jaxon Parker '22Cindy Wang '21
**8KecoughtanKecoughtan High SchoolWarriors1/8Cole Handly '19Victor Pirnik '22
Tyler Brown '23Charlotte Pirnik '20
Morgan Handly '21Morgan Riggins '20
b9HamptonHampton High SchoolCrabbers4/5Avery McNight '20Alexandra Smith '23
Ricky Cordner '19Molly Hanson '22
Tori Dixon '20Ramazani Clement '23
b10MauryMaury High SchoolCommodores2/7Connor McCarty '21William Green '23
Huaqiu "Cho-Cho" Williams '22Margaret Wyatt '25
Lane Kilduff '25Jack Carson '22
Emily Britt '23Ben Powell '22
*Rank based on Top 4 round
**Rank based on Middle 4 round
bRank based on Bottom 2 rounds