2021 SAISA Mallory Qualifier

Scores for Division A

1AntillesAntilles School38Rayne Duff '21
HurricanesSavannah Young '211-13
Megan Cassidy '2214-16
2Immaculata La SalleImmaculata La Salle High School62Justin Callahan '22
Royal LionsDanny Rianno '231-9
Brianna Ross '2210-16
3Ransom EvergladesRansom Everglades School80Stephan Baker '221-9
Javier Garcon '2110-16
RaidersLivia Herman '221-5
Nicolas Echarte '216-9
Lucas Vianna '2110-16
4Gulliver PreparatoryGulliver Preparatory School91Daniel Hughes '21
RaidersMadeline Hughes '22
5Shorecrest PrepShorecrest Preparatory School108Guthrie Braun '22
ChargersThomas Cura '211-7,10-16
Heidi Hicks '218-9
*6WandoWando115Zack Carvajal '22
Wando WarriorsCarter Durst '221-5,10-15
Ian Bosse '216-9,16
*7ManateeManatee High School115Bryce Tone '21
HurricanesSam Wright '22
8Saint Thomas AquinasSt. Thomas Aquinas High School119Robert (Bobby) Rielly '21
RaidersSophia St. Romain '221-4,10-11
Kevin Gosselin '235-9,12-16
9Bishop Kenny FLBishop Kenny High School - FL124William Weinbecker '21
Bishop KennyMaggie McLauchlin '211-7
Alex Patangan '238-15
Jonah Brewer '2116
10St. Petersburg High School151Emily Allen '21
Green DevilsSidney Moyer '231-9,12-16
Dorothy Mendelblatt '2410-11
11H. B. PlantH. B. Plant High School176Reid Nelson '23
PanthersJohnathan Pittman '221-4,10-16
Garrett Brooks '225-9
12James Island CharterJames Island Charter High School185Carson Shaw '22
VarsityCamdyn Williams '211-4,10-11
William Rawlings '225-9,12-16
13John T. HoggardJohn T. Hoggard High School189Jacob Usher '21
HoggardAndrew Simpson '23
**14Hough HSHough High School206Evan West '221-4,10-16
John Polek '225-9
VarsityLuca Van Der Schoot '221-4
Evan West '225-9
John Polek '2210-16
**15BeaufortBeaufort High School206Clay Myers '21
VarsityAbbie Pollitzer '21
16John Paul II (SC)John Paul II (SC)213Thomas Mazzeo '22
VarsityCaroline Gilmour '22
*Number of high-place (2) finishes
**Head-to-head tiebreaker

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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