Olympia Spring Team Race Regatta


Sunday, April 18:

Our 1-day Team Race Regatta proved challenging with fluky winds, and a low tide. A light patchy breeze made getting races underway difficult, once the strong westerly began to fill bringing more wind the RC struggled to set a square digital N in the notoriously difficult wind direction. Sailors did seem to enjoy the stronger puffs! The fresh breeze was a nice reprieve from the hot 80 temps and glaring sun that cooked the fleet all day long.

1 Round of 10 races was finally completed, and a few races were finished in an uncomplete round 2.

Ice cream cones were enjoyed by all at the end - what the conditions lacked, hopefully cool treats made up for.

Thank you to the RC for persevering in the difficult conditions! PRO Casey, Alumni Caroline, Coach Niki, sailor Liam, and away-Coaches Drew and Haley.


Note: Preliminary results; teams ranked by winning percentage.

1OlympiaOlympia High SchoolBears 15/1Peter Kelleher '22Levi Morse '24
Sam Bonauto '21Daniel Roberts '24
Ella Hubbard '22Finn McClure '23
Charlie Snyder '24Hatcher Cox '21
Hatcher Cox '21Charlie Snyder '24
2BainbridgeBainbridge High SchoolSpartans 14/2
3Lincoln ORLincoln High School - Portland, ORCardinals4/3Peter Schnell '22Charlotte Yesser '22
Kieran Banyard '23Catie Harding '21
Everett McAvoy '21Annika Philips '21
4BainbridgeBainbridge High SchoolSpartans 21/4
5OlympiaOlympia High SchoolBears 21/5Avian de Keizer-Mendoza '23Hannah Fritz '22
Robert Bloomfield '22Nick Heelan '22
Sophia Hubbard '24Evan Glasgow '22
Ian Connolly '21Fiona Murphy '21