SoCal Gold Champs

Scores for Division A

1Mater DeiMater Dei High School32Morgan Pinckney '23
Monarchs 1Kennedy Leehealey '22
2Mater DeiMater Dei High School35Reade Decker '23
Monarchs 2Sophia Mulvania '22
3Point LomaPoint Loma High School44Peter Busch '22
Pointers 1Ximena Escobar '21
4Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School76Nathan Sih '21
Sea Kings 3Sophia Pearce '22
5CoronadoCoronado Islanders84Tommy Rudowicz '24
Nado 3Sophia Shaeffer '21
6Mater DeiMater Dei High School89Chase Decker '24
Monarchs 3Vera Allen '23
7Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School93Ethan Simpson '23
Sailors 3Dillion Garcia '23
8Point LomaPoint Loma High School98Cam Spriggs '23
Pointers 2Katie Olsen '21
9Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara High School102Ryan Satterberg '22
Dons 1Colin Martz '21
10Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara High School107Jonathon Seawards '22
Dons 3Sam Long '23
*11Palos VerdesPalos Verdes High School111Noah Stapelton '25
Sea Kings 3James Maxwell '22
*12Dos PueblosDos Pueblos111Zoey Ziskind '23
Chargers 1Claire Wicker '21
13Dos PueblosDos Pueblos115Oliver Stokke '22
Chargers 2Catalina Matlock-Klein '23
14Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School125Gray Hemans '21
Sailors 5Samantha Hemens '23
15Point LomaPoint Loma High School135Harrison Strom '24
Pointers 3Sara Parker '21
16Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara High School138Liam Andresen '22
Dons 2Magne Henriques '24
17Mater DeiMater Dei High School140Tate Christopher '25 *
Monarchs 5Elizabeth Struve '24
18Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School141Jack Roman '22
Sailors 2Nolan Schupak '21
19The Bishop'sBishop's School151Kelly Holthus '231-8
Knights 2Ethan Chuang '221-8
20Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School165Tyler Wood '22
Sea Kings 2Marlo Bozza '21
21The Bishop'sBishop's School166Piper Holthus '211-8
Knights 1Henry Nelson '231-8
22Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School170Brook Wood '21
Sailors 4Shay Wood '23
23Francis ParkerParker171Caylin Schnoor '21
Parker 1Luca Bonnano '21
24Mater DeiMater Dei High School173Maxwell Kleha '21
Monarchs 4Ashtyn Tierney '24
25Corona del MarCorona del Mar High School174Dylan Sih '24
Sea Kings 1Piper Blackband '24
26PV PeninsulaPalos Verdes Peninsula High School183Daren Sathasivam '21
PanthersJaden Sathasivam '25
27Newport HarborNewport Harbor High School184Elsa Wiley '23
Sailors 1Vivian Bonsager '21
28CoronadoCoronado Islanders201Lina Carper '23
Nado 4Celine Song '23
29Palos VerdesPalos Verdes High School202Owen Cuyler '24
Sea Kings 2Ian Thompsen '22
30Point LomaPoint Loma High School210Shane Tillson '24
Pointers 5Preston Miller '24
31CoronadoCoronado Islanders215Jett Jennings '21
Nado 1Stella Taherian '23
32CoronadoCoronado Islanders231Mercy Tangredi '21
Nado 2Jack Wing '23
33Francis ParkerParker233Shea McGrath '23
Parker 2Annika Baumgartner '24
34Point LomaPoint Loma High School235Cole Tillson '22
Pointers 4Julius Gonzales '21
35Palos VerdesPalos Verdes High School237Chris Salas '22
Sea Kings 1Sydney Baker '22
36Cathedral CatholicCathedral Catholic High School252Jacob Titcomb '21
DonsClaire Backer '21
*Number of high-place (1) finishes

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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