VISA Team Race Championship and Qualifier


Saturday, April 17:

Nine teams representing eight schools gathered today at Norfolk Yacht and Country Club for the VISA Team Race Championship on a partly cloudy typical 60 degree spring day. Four of the teams were competing to qualify for participation in MASSA Team Race events. To find the best wind, the course was initially set at the mouth of the Lafayette River. Early morning winds were northerly at 5mph gusting to 15mph. By about 10:30 vacillating winds dropped to unsailable. After a postponement, the course was moved up the river to SE of the Yacht Club where racing resumed with 5-8mph winds gusting to 12 (once to 20mph) vacillating from NW to SW to W and again NW. Sailors patiently waited through a few more short postponements during lulls, and course corrections due to shifts.

The fleet was divided into interwoven rounds of the top 5 and bottom 4 for the initial stage. Teams were then ranked and reseeded for the second and final stage which consisted of interwoven rounds of the top 3, middle 3, and bottom 3. Scores carried over for the top an bottom 3 only.

Christchurch School took first place in the event, followed by Norfolk Academy in second, and Norfolk Collegiate School in third place.

Thanks to the race committee for their patience and perseverance with difficult wind conditions, especially Levi Thomson, David Chase and Scott Robertson.

Final Results

1ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses 15/1Aidan Iaconis '22Marina Dryer '22
Carlos Bermudez de Castro Castro '22Reese Bragg '21
Gannon Troutman '21Sarah Ratcliffe '22
2Norfolk AcademyNorfolk AcademyBulldogs4/2Jennifer Permenter '21Audrey Permenter '23
Audrey Permenter '23Jennifer Permenter '21
Sean Trudell '24Emily Britt '23
Rebecca Schill '23Sabrina Casagrande '25
Henry Campbell '21
3Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks3/3Alex Schuck '21Clara Murphy '23
Robert Chase '22Kiana Beachy '24
Harrison Thomson '22Brylie Schaubach '22
Maggie Campbell '22
*4Hampton RoadsHampton Roads AcademyNavigators2/4Pierce Brindley '24Nicholas Bielewicz '26
Walker Angus '24Mason Chapman Jr. '22
Tyler Brown '23Jack Herritage '24
**5PoquosonPoquoson High SchoolIslanders1/5Ashlyn Wise '21Lauren Messerschmidt '21
Chase Brewer '22Claire DiCarlo '22
Grace Watlington '22Ava Michel '22
Olivia Gilmore '23Emery Hill '23
b6ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses 24/1Jaxon Parker Searcy '22Erin Stoik '22
Louie LaFevre '21Nat Bonham '24
Maison Koepke '23Cameron Nealon '23
Casey Moss '23
7GraftonGrafton High SchoolVarsity4/1Luke Manternach '22Gracie Goodwin '25
Justin Kelly '25Helen Schmuck '23
David Hanna '21 *Savanah Van Cleave '25
Blake Goodwin '23Justin Kelly '25
Nathan Shaw '26
Nick Fogt '23
c8GranbyGranby High SchoolComets1/4Huaqiu "Cho-Cho" Williams '22Gabby Cloe '24
Joe Murphy '24Reagan Evans '23
Henry Allard '23Charlotte Stillman '23
Hannah Bonheur '24
d9MauryMaury High SchoolCommodores1/4Connor McCarty '21Ava Morgan '25
Emily Priest '25Madeline Ballard '25
Davis Mann '23Nicholas Davis '24
Charlotte Shumate '24Gianna Dunn '23
Justina Reynolds '24
*scores did not carryover - won tie breaker - total points when teams met in Phase 2
**scores did not carry over - won tie breaker over CCS2 - won when teams met
bscores did not carry over - lost tie breaker D4.4(a)(2) average points in races between tied teams
cwon tiebreaker D4.4(a)(3) winner of last race between them
dlost tiebreaker D4.4(a)(3) loser of last race between them