MASSA 2022 Team Race Championship


Saturday, April 30:

Day one of the 2022 MASSA Team Race Championship was one of those rare days where the forecast delivered more than expected. A six knot easterly breeze forced the race course to be located off of Triton Point. While this made for slow rotations in and out of the Navy Basin, the racing was steady and fair. One full round robin of all schools was completed. Tomorrow, the sailors will be split into top six Gold and bottom four Silver rounds.

Sunday, May 1:

Sailors arrived at the US Naval Academy for day two of the 2022 MASSA Baker Qualifier with eight knots of breeze funneling perfectly into the Severn River. A gold six - silver four round was completed just as the wind died at 1330. There was not enough time to complete the final four. Congratulations to the Severn Admirals and Christchurch Seahorses for earning MASSA's two spots to the Baker Team Race National Championship.

Final Results

1SevernSevern SchoolAdmirals13/1Thomas Sitzmann '23Scarlett Harris '24
Robby Meek '23Lilly Baker '23
Ava Cornell '24Raam Fox '22
Ella May Corckran '22
2ChristchurchChristchurch SchoolSeahorses12/2Carlos Bermudez de Castro Castro '22Emilie Janzen '22
Maison Koepke '23PJ Rodrigues JR '24
Madeline Janzen '25Cameron Kinnear '23
Aidan Iaconis '22
*3Norfolk AcademyNorfolk AcademyBulldogs8/6Henry Allgeier '23Emily Britt '23
Sean Trudell '24Sabrina Casagrande '25
Rebecca Schill '23Jack Poynter '25
Marin Soderberg '24
**4Norfolk CollegiateNorfolk Collegiate SchoolOaks8/6Harrison Thomson '22Kiana Beachy '24
Maggie Campbell '22Clara Murphy '23
Robert Chase '22Brylie Schaubach '22
5Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop SpaldingCavaliers7/7Hugh Carty '23Christina Pierce '25
Ava Farley '22Addison Lisiewski '22
Owen MacWilliams '24Madeline Washburn '23
Parker Herman '24Kaitlyn Zimmerman '24
Taylor Collison '25
6The Stony BrookThe Stony Brook SchoolBears5/9Gavin Hudson '24Isabella Seminario '22
Steven Hardee '22Sean Beaver '23
Harry Fredericks '22Mairead Reitzel '24
7BroadneckBroadneck High SchoolBruins5/7JonJon Weed '22Emilie Orendorff '22
Marco Welch '23Will Harding '22
Maddison Carew '23Aden Keithley '23
Tyler Hughes '22Madeline Fisher '23
8St. Marys  (MD)St. Mary's High School (MD)Saints4/8Chase Conway '22Andrew Tollefson '22
William Donald '23Gavin Fretz '22
Jack Powers '24Finley Heflin '24
Antigua Steward '24
9RyeRye High SchoolGarnets3/9Lahrkamp Vanessa '22Milano Annabella '25
Saffer Lillian '23Finn Palermo '24
Jancski Logan '24Emmerson Jack '23
10MamaroneckMamaroneck High SchoolTigers1/11Cameron Silvers '23Taylor Ferrarone '22
Sadie Yoder '24Penelope Hall '24
Graham Welsh '22Jonathan Wittik '25
Nicholas Heggerud '23Graham Welsh '22
Penelope Hall '24Sadie Yoder '24
*Number of races won when tied teams met (2)
**Number of races won when tied teams met (0)