Baker Pre Q East Michigan


Friday, April 8:

We started our day with a chilly breeze and seven schools excited to be on the race course again. After a complete round robin, sailors gathered for great food and warmth. Returning to the water the races continued. As the rain returned once again, the sailors, umpires, and coaches, carried on and did an amazing job. With the predicted forecast for tomorrow morning, the Baker Pre-Qualifier in Michigan was finalized. Great job to Grosse Pointe South who won every race, West Bloomfield in 2nd, Seaholm in 3rd.

Thank you to Matt Bounds, Chief Umpire and his team. Thank you to all coaches, parents, and volunteers.

Saturday, April 9:

Racing was completed April 8.

Final Results

1Grosse Pointe SouthGrosse Pointe South High SchoolBlue Devils11/0Braden Vogel '23Grant Corrion '22
Doug Cowan '22Charlie Gmeiner '23
Gavin Webster '24Boaz Selinger '22
Evelyn Young '24Eric Brieden '23
Colin Hexter '23
Gavin Webster '24
2West BloomfieldWest Bloomfield High SchoolLakers Varsity8/2Vinny Paliga '24Liam Gilin '25
Walter Paliga '22Jack Armstrong '25
Brent Armstrong '25Alex Wszolek '25
3SeaholmSeaholm High SchoolVarsity6/4Michael Mullins '23Nate Bacheller '24
Luke Strickland '22Marko Nedeljkovic '24
Sean Ellison '25Declan Smith '23
4TroyTroy High SchoolTroy6/5Rodrigo Flores '24Sophia Worden '23
Dane Greenwood '23Jacob Ritter '24
Monika Torkos '23Nicole Torkos '25
5Mercy  - MIMercy University of Detroit JesuitMUDJ5/6Nick Myneni '22Will Hilborn '22 *
Graham Rebain '25Gabe Morreale '24
Gavin Lamphier '22Liam Dowling '24
6Detroit Country DayDetroit Country Day SchoolVarsity1/10Liam Hounsell '23Andrew Wiand '25
Miles Kohn '25Miles Laker '23
AK Kapur '25Bryan Lu '25
7Brother Rice (MI)Brother Rice/Marian High School - MIBRM Blue1/11Owen Bannasch '22Alexandra Hafley '23
Brian Totonchi '24Jack Everly '24
Liam Bien '22Declan McGrath '23