MBL Team Race Tournament


Sunday, May 15:

Great day of racing on Duxbury Bay. Started out with light breeze and fog in the morning but gave way to a steady 10 knots out of the south with blue skies and 70 degrees. 20 races in total.

Final Results

1DuxburyDuxbury High SchoolDragons7/1Gavin Monaghan` '22Farrell Saluja '22
Madeline Koelbel '22Harrison Vose '22
Myles Olney '24Greta Klein '22
2HinghamHingham High SchoolHabormen6/2Ethan Burt '22Gabe Synnott '24
Sara Menesale '24Ellie Smith '24
Julia Scipione '25Caroline O'hara '25
3WinchesterWinchester High SchoolSachems4/4Carter Knight '23Audra Murray '24
Grant Garrett '24Dorothy McCarthy '23
Michael Lanz '25Nate Morrissey '23
William MacNeille '25Sean Morrison '23
4St. Johns PrepSt. Johns PrepVarsity2/6
5Lincoln Sudbury RegiLincoln Sudbury Reginal High SchoolWarriors1/7
6Manchester/Essex RegManchester/Essex RHSHornets0/0