NESSA Team Racing Championship (Presidents Trophy)


Saturday, May 14:

The top eight teams showed up for the President's trophy and teams rank 9 through 15 for the Terkelsen at Connecticut College, May 14th - 15th. Wind looked to be sketchy, but turned out to be excellent both days with moderate southerly's on Saturday and a building Southwesterly on Sunday. A moderate outgoing current on the Thames River kept things interesting and boats playing the left side of the course, on both upwind legs.

Sunday, May 15:

By far one of the most competitive fields at the New England Championships in a long time with extremely tight racing all day, both days. Congratulations to The Hotchkiss School and St. George's for qualifying for the Baker, this weekend in Texas.

Thank you to Conn College and Jeff Bresnahan for hosting our New England championships.

Huge thanks to the PRO - Roger Rawlings... The Umpires, CHUMP - Andrew Nugnes, Andy Nutton, Graham, Gary Werden, and Prescott Littlefield. Scorer - Carl Zimba and Wellesley high school coach, Larry Lovett, for doing a fantastic job with boat rotations.

An excellent weekend of sailing. Good luck to everyone moving on to the Baker and NIT.

will be updated shortly......

Final Results

1The HotchkissThe Hotchkiss SchoolBearcats16/4Chapman Petersen '22Phoebe Hackett '24
Samara Walshe '25Oscar Emus '23
Jeb Bechtel '22Lucy Jervis '23
Kate Moran '23
2St. George'sSt. George's SchoolDragons15/5Juan Carlos LaCerda Jones '22Phoebe Fogarty '25
Sophie Fisher '22Sloane Mullin '23
Christian Ebbin '24Lucca Antonietti '25
Hope Breslin '22
3BrunswickBrunswick SchoolBruins14/6Ben Sheppard '23Alex Ohls '24
Freddie Parkin '25Asher Lloyds '24
Robert Ulmer '24Greer Sconzo '23
Thomas Whidden '24Christian Yanotti '25
Christian Ohlemeyer '23
4Greens Farms AcademyGreens Farms AcademyDragons8/12Katherine McNamara '22Andrew Wagner '22
Griffin Gigliotti '22Max Laferriere '23
Cole Nightingale '23 Harry Harmston '24
Harrison Stevens '22Ava Stevens '24
5Portsmouth AbbeyPortsmouth Abbey SchoolRavens7/7Alex Adams '22Mary Davidson '24
Felix Cutler '22Ainsley West '24
Nathan Smith '22Mary Adams '24
6Tabor AcademyTabor AcademySeawolves6/8Wyatt Bischoff '23Ellie Dyroff '22
Sophia Peck '22Young Hu '22
Jonnie Ciffolillo '23Carter Riggs '22
Griffin Beaulieu '23
7BarringtonBarrington High SchoolEagles2/12Gus Macaulay '23Quin Schneider '25
Christopher Chwalk '24George White '23
Olin Guck '22Nate Schneider '22
Brendan Jay '23Lauren Leonard '25
Jack Culton '22
Brendan Jay '23
Avery Guck '24
8PortlandPortland High SchoolBulldogs0/14Eva Ermlich '22Gregg O'Rourke '22
Posie Cabaniss '23Simone Daranyi '23
Aoife Mahoney '23Jack Taylor '23
Valyn Mogensen '22
Fox Fernald '22