PCISA Gaucho Regatta - Silver


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AlamedaAlameda Hornets31313333
The Bishop'sThe Bishop's Knights32323434
CampolindoCampolindo Cougars33333636
CarlmontCarlmont The Scots34343737
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings36363838
CoronadoCoronado Coronado Islanders37373939
Design TechDesign Tech d.tech 138384040
Design TechDesign Tech d.tech 239394141
Dos PueblosDos Pueblos Chargers40404242
Khan Lab Khan Lab41414343
La JollaLa Jolla Vikings42424444
Laguna BlancaLaguna Blanca Varsity43434545
Los AlamitosLos Alamitos Griffins44444646
Marin CatholicMarin Catholic Wildcats 145454747
Marin CatholicMarin Catholic Wildcats 246464848
Menlo-Atherton Varsity47474949
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs48485050
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer49495151
Pacific CollegiatePacific Collegiate Varsity50505252
PV PeninsulaPV Peninsula Panthers51515353
RedwoodRedwood Giants52525454
San Pedro Pirates53535555
South TorranceSouth Torrance Spartans54545656
St. John BoscoSt. John Bosco St. John Bosco55555757
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks 156565858
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks 257575959
The UrbanThe Urban Blues58586060
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons59593131
Willow Glen Willow Glen60603232

B Division

AlamedaAlameda Hornets32323434
The Bishop'sThe Bishop's Knights33333636
CampolindoCampolindo Cougars34343737
CarlmontCarlmont The Scots36363838
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings37373939
CoronadoCoronado Coronado Islanders38384040
Design TechDesign Tech d.tech 139394141
Design TechDesign Tech d.tech 240404242
Dos PueblosDos Pueblos Chargers41414343
Khan Lab Khan Lab42424444
La JollaLa Jolla Vikings43434545
Laguna BlancaLaguna Blanca Varsity44444646
Los AlamitosLos Alamitos Griffins45454747
Marin CatholicMarin Catholic Wildcats 146464848
Marin CatholicMarin Catholic Wildcats 247474949
Menlo-Atherton Varsity48485050
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs49495151
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer50505252
Pacific CollegiatePacific Collegiate Varsity51515353
PV PeninsulaPV Peninsula Panthers52525454
RedwoodRedwood Giants53535555
San Pedro Pirates54545656
South TorranceSouth Torrance Spartans55555757
St. John BoscoSt. John Bosco St. John Bosco56565858
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks 157575959
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks 258586060
The UrbanThe Urban Blues59593131
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons60603232
Willow Glen Willow Glen31313333