Long Beach Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science

Sato Academy of Math

Sailing now

NameHostTypeScoringLast racePlace(s)
2019 Rose Bowl Regatta - BronzeUSC - US Sailing Center - Long Beach, CAPromotional2 Divisions6B8/22

Season history for Fall 2018

Mission Bay High SchoolIn-District1 DivisionOfficial15,23/36
Newport HarborIn-District2 DivisionsOfficial19/27
Bahia Corinthian YCIn-District1 DivisionPending5,25/28
Monterey Peninsula Yacht ClubIn-District2 DivisionsOfficial18/29
Francis ParkerIn-District1 DivisionPending11,29/30
Francis ParkerIn-District1 DivisionPending33/33