Foundry Fall #1


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AvonAvon Mixed121214
HawkenHawken Hawks113
Lakewood  (OH)Lakewood (OH) Rangers224
New AlbanyNew Albany Varsity335
Olentangy LibertyOlentangy Liberty Mascots446
Olentangy LibertyOlentangy Liberty Varsity557
Olentangy OrangeOlentangy Orange Varsity668
Olentangy OrangeOlentangy Orange Mixed779
Rocky RiverRocky River Pirates8810
Saint Joseph AcademySaint Joseph Academy Varsity9911
St. Ignatius (OH)St. Ignatius (OH) Wildcats101012
Thomas WorthingtonThomas Worthington Varsity111113
VermilionVermilion Mixed131315
Westerville CentralWesterville Central Varsity141416
Westerville NorthWesterville North Varsity15151
Westerville SouthWesterville South Mixed16162

B Division

AvonAvon Mixed131315
HawkenHawken Hawks224
Lakewood  (OH)Lakewood (OH) Rangers335
New AlbanyNew Albany Varsity446
Olentangy LibertyOlentangy Liberty Mascots557
Olentangy LibertyOlentangy Liberty Varsity668
Olentangy OrangeOlentangy Orange Varsity779
Olentangy OrangeOlentangy Orange Mixed8810
Rocky RiverRocky River Pirates9911
Saint Joseph AcademySaint Joseph Academy Varsity101012
St. Ignatius (OH)St. Ignatius (OH) Wildcats111113
Thomas WorthingtonThomas Worthington Varsity121214
VermilionVermilion Mixed141416
Westerville CentralWesterville Central Varsity15151
Westerville NorthWesterville North Varsity16162
Westerville SouthWesterville South Mixed113