Little Daddy NorCal #1 Gold

Scores for Division A

1AlamedaAlameda High School16Dylan Wondolleck '23
Hornets 2Scarlett Dawson '22
2Crystal Springs UplaCrystal Springs Uplands School21Justin Lim '19
Griffins 1Arianna Smith '211-2,5-6
Jack Murawczyk '233-4
3RedwoodRedwood High School31Connor Bennett '22
Giants 1Taylor Elliott '22
4AptosAptos High School46
MarinersXimena Greatorex '21
*5Amador ValleyAmador Valley47Christopher Hopkins '21
DonsAlec Smith '23
*6SoquelSoquel High School47Kyra Phelan '22
KnightsBella Donahue '22
7Crystal Springs UplaCrystal Springs Uplands School49Mason Stang '21
Griffins 2Anthony Newman '211-2,5-6
Sophia Vinson '233-4
8AcalanesAcalanes High School56Sophia Browne '20
DonsLola Rao '201-2,5-6
Lia Reilly '213-4
9StevensonStevenson School61Adam Lee '20
PiratesRyan Marquess '22
10Design TechDesign Tech High School69Timmy Gee '20 2Matthew Morley '20
11GunnHenry M. Gunn High School75Ethan Lowenthal '20
TitansVicente Santos '231-2,5-6
Julian Santos '233-4
12Design TechDesign Tech High School82Jemma Schroder '20 1Zoe Flemate '21
13College ParkCollege Park High School84Zack Taylor '19
FalconsChase Latson '19
14San Francisco University High School101Micherice Tao '19
San FranciscoCharlie Sears '22
15Design TechDesign Tech High School112Michael McCulloch '21 3Charlie Gates '22
16Harbor HighHarbor High School113Chloe Long '19
PiratesGeza Bateman '21
17CampolindoCampolindo High School117Brendan Connelly '23
CougarsHaley Rasilla '22
18Design TechDesign Tech High School120Josh Goldberg '21 4Zach Morley '21
19RedwoodRedwood High School125Bodhi "Bo" Tippo '21
Giants 2Ava Shulman '20
20AlamedaAlameda High School129Liam Orozco '19
Hornets 1Gemma Hanson '20
**21The AthenianAthenian133Ezra Newman '21
OwlsLeo Marek '221-2,5-6
Suzie Myles '213-4
**22San DomenicoSan Domenico High School133Hiroki Coyle '21
PanthersJulia Vierra '22
23Bishop O'DowdBishop O'Dowd High School138Max-Emilien Kluiwstra-Descalle '21
VarsityHarry Hollins '23
*Head-to-head tiebreaker
**Number of high-place (15) finishes

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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