2019 MYST Fall Scramble

Scores for Division B

1New Trier HSNew Trier HS43Ted Lutton '20
TrevianPeter Smith '21
*2St. Ignatius (IL)St. Ignatius College Prep, Chicago, IL45Peter Barnard '23
MaroonDaniel Sandoval '22
*3ArrowheadArrowhead High School45Cole Schweda '23
Warhawks 1Ellie Siepmann '23
4MahtomediMahtomedi96Owen Harrod '22
Zephyrs 1Kristen Geib '20
*5West Bend WestWest Bend West High School106Charlie Eckert '221-4,7-8
Samantha Eckert '25 *5-6,9-10
VarsitySamantha Eckert '25 *1-2,7-8
Simon Braeger '223-6,9-10
*6Evanston Township HSEvanston Township HS106Charlie Herrick '22
OrangeOscar Underburg '20
7Glenbrook SouthGlenbrook South High School110Matthew Sexton '241-2,5-81
Adam Pawlik '223-4,9-10
TitansMimi Sexton '251
8FenwickFenwick High School121Aidan Soule '25
FriarsWilliam Carl '221-6
Julia Overmyer '237-10
**9Kettle MoraineKettle Moraine High School124Cole Thompson '241-2,5-6
Penelope Whiteside '243-4,7-10
VARSITYWill Burke '21
**10New Trier HSNew Trier HS124Calvin Lutton '22
MixedAmit Patel '21
11Lane Tech College PrLane Tech College Prep129Sydney Mandell '22
VarsityChristopher Connally '20
12Latin  of ChicagoLatin School of Chicago137Timothy Hesse '23
RomansJack Turula '22
13PewaukeePewaukee High School152David Kiss '23
Varsity 1Brianna Kier '21
14ArrowheadArrowhead High School154Tanner Theisen '23
Warhawks 2Max Krotts '22
15Jones College PrepJones College Prep159Michael Stewart '21
Eagles 1David Eskilson '22
16OconomowocOconomowoc High School160Jackson Brockman '23 *1-2,5-6,9-10
Mikey Grosspietsch '203-4,7-8
RaccoonsCambel Puestow '201-6,9-10
Ethan Starkman '207-8
17Jones College PrepJones College Prep161Jake Weinstein '23
Eagles 2Maddie Fitzgerald '221-2,5-10
Michael Clancy '223-4
18Lake ForestLake Forest High School165Casey Murray '201-6
Gabe Kobza '207-10
ScoutsPaige Roby '221-2,7-8
Jack Parsons '233-6,9-10
19MahtomediMahtomedi176Anika Liner '21
Zephyrs 2Wesley Whiteside '25 *2
20Lyons TownshipLyons Township High School189Gavin Dempsey '22
LionsAidan Walls '211-2,5-6
Ali Jensen '223-4,7-8
Nick Lorenzen '239-10
*21U Chicago LaboratoryUniversity of Chicago Laboratory Schools195Philip Lengyel '21
Maroons 1Julian Jenkins '22
*22Evanston Township HSEvanston Township HS195Matt Bussey '201-4,9-10
Miles Ford '205-8
WildkitsYonadav Ostrreicher '20
23PewaukeePewaukee High School197Nathan Kamath '241-2,5-10
Ian Trotier '233-4
Varsity 2Delenn Kier '24
24Walter Payton CollegWalter Payton College Preparatory High School200Tristan Tucker '22
OrangeNatalie Becker-Stevens '22
25GibraltarGibraltar High School201Aria Nordahl '251-6,9-10
Charlie Sauter '257-8
VikingsCharlie Sauter '251-6,9-10
Aria Nordahl '257-8
26U Chicago LaboratoryUniversity of Chicago Laboratory Schools211Benjamin Luu '221-2,5-10
John Drewno '213-4
Maroons 2John Drewno '211-2,5-10
Benjamin Luu '223-4
27Walter Payton CollegWalter Payton College Preparatory High School229Dev Shah '23
NavyLily Gies '22
28St. Ignatius (IL)St. Ignatius College Prep, Chicago, IL232Richie Witzel '231-2
Stefan Anderson '223-10
GoldLiam Anderson '21
29Whitney YoungWhitney Young234Emily Kowal '20 *
DolphinsCassidy Skafish '22
30Loyola AcademyLoyola Academy266Julia Bogdanowicz '211,7-8
Micheal Barker '202-6,9-10
RamblersMicheal Barker '201,7-8
Julia Bogdanowicz '212-6,9-10
*Head-to-head tiebreaker
**Number of high-place (2) finishes
1Lake Forest Academy sailor
2Kettle Moraine sailor

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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