2020 Rose Bowl - High School Bronze


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AlamedaAlameda Hornets525254545656585860
BerkeleyBerkeley Yellowjackets 1535355555757595961
BerkeleyBerkeley Yellowjackets 2545456565858606062
Geffen Academy at UC Varsity555557575959616163
Convent & StuartConvent & Stuart Cubs565658586060626264
Design TechDesign Tech d.tech575759596161636365
El CerritoEl Cerrito Varsity585860606262646466
Ernest J. McBrideErnest J. McBride Wolfpack595961616363656567
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs606062626464666668
MiramonteMiramonte Matadors616163636565676769
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer626264646666686870
New Trier HSNew Trier HS Trevian636365656767696971
Oaks ChristianOaks Christian Lions646466666868707052
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings656567676969717153
Port of Los AngelesPort of Los Angeles Polar Bears666668687070525254
Sage HillSage Hill Lightning676769697171535355
SF University HSSF University HS Red Devils686870705252545456
San Pedro San Pedro696971715353555557
Santa Monica Vikings707052525454565658
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons717153535555575759

B Division

AlamedaAlameda Hornets535355555757595961
BerkeleyBerkeley Yellowjackets 1545456565858606062
BerkeleyBerkeley Yellowjackets 2555557575959616163
Geffen Academy at UC Varsity565658586060626264
Convent & StuartConvent & Stuart Cubs575759596161636365
Design TechDesign Tech d.tech585860606262646466
El CerritoEl Cerrito Varsity595961616363656567
Ernest J. McBrideErnest J. McBride Wolfpack606062626464666668
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs616163636565676769
MiramonteMiramonte Matadors626264646666686870
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer636365656767696971
New Trier HSNew Trier HS Trevian646466666868707052
Oaks ChristianOaks Christian Lions656567676969717153
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings666668687070525254
Port of Los AngelesPort of Los Angeles Polar Bears676769697171535355
Sage HillSage Hill Lightning686870705252545456
SF University HSSF University HS Red Devils696971715353555557
San Pedro San Pedro707052525454565658
Santa Monica Vikings717153535555575759
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons525254545656585860