Ranger Rally


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

Boothbay RHSBoothbay RHS SeaHawks Gold113355
Brewster AcademyBrewster Academy Bobcats224466
BurlingtonBurlington Seahorse335577
Cape ElizabethCape Elizabeth Capers446688
Champlain VUHSChamplain VUHS Varsity557799
CheverusCheverus Varsity66881010
Falmouth  MaineFalmouth Maine Yachtsmen 177991111
Falmouth  MaineFalmouth Maine Yachtsmen 28810101212
Greely  - MaineGreely - Maine Rangers9911111313
Lincoln AcademyLincoln Academy Eagles101012121414
Mt. Desert Island HSMt. Desert Island HS Varsity 1111113131515
Mt. Desert Island HSMt. Desert Island HS Varsity 2121214141616
PortlandPortland Bulldogs 1131315151717
PortlandPortland Bulldogs 21414161611
Unregistered-NESSAUnregistered-NESSA Southern Maine1515171722
YarmouthYarmouth Clippers 116161133
YarmouthYarmouth Clippers 217172244

B Division

Boothbay RHSBoothbay RHS SeaHawks Gold224466
Brewster AcademyBrewster Academy Bobcats335577
BurlingtonBurlington Seahorse446688
Cape ElizabethCape Elizabeth Capers557799
Champlain VUHSChamplain VUHS Varsity66881010
CheverusCheverus Varsity77991111
Falmouth  MaineFalmouth Maine Yachtsmen 18810101212
Falmouth  MaineFalmouth Maine Yachtsmen 29911111313
Greely  - MaineGreely - Maine Rangers101012121414
Lincoln AcademyLincoln Academy Eagles111113131515
Mt. Desert Island HSMt. Desert Island HS Varsity 1121214141616
Mt. Desert Island HSMt. Desert Island HS Varsity 2131315151717
PortlandPortland Bulldogs 11414161611
PortlandPortland Bulldogs 21515171722
Unregistered-NESSAUnregistered-NESSA Southern Maine16161133
YarmouthYarmouth Clippers 117172244
YarmouthYarmouth Clippers 2113355