Sugar Bowl 2019


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, with starting sails offset for subsequent divisions.

A Division

Ben FranklinBen Franklin Falcons2121222223232424252526
Isidore NewmanIsidore Newman Greenies2222232324242525262627
Jesuit NOLAJesuit NOLA Blue Jays 12323242425252626272721
Jesuit NOLAJesuit NOLA Blue Jays 22424252526262727212122
St. StanislausSt. Stanislaus Rock-A-Chaws2525262627272121222223
Ursuline AcademyUrsuline Academy Lions 12626272721212222232324
Ursuline AcademyUrsuline Academy Lions 22727212122222323242425

B Division

Ben FranklinBen Franklin Falcons2424252526262727212122
Isidore NewmanIsidore Newman Greenies2525262627272121222223
Jesuit NOLAJesuit NOLA Blue Jays 12626272721212222232324
Jesuit NOLAJesuit NOLA Blue Jays 22727212122222323242425
St. StanislausSt. Stanislaus Rock-A-Chaws2121222223232424252526
Ursuline AcademyUrsuline Academy Lions 12222232324242525262627
Ursuline AcademyUrsuline Academy Lions 22323242425252626272721