2021 NWISA Fall Champs - Silver Fleet

Scores for Division B

1Oak HarborOak Harbor High School28Ben Servatius '221-4,9-10
Colin Byler '245-81
WildcatsColin Byler '241-4,9-101
Ben Servatius '225-8
2OlympiaOlympia High School39Finn McClure '23
Bears 2Fiona Tang '252
3Lincoln ORLincoln High School - Portland, OR44Andrew Dolle '25
Cardinals 3Annie Phillips '25
4BainbridgeBainbridge High School69Carter Anderson '23
Spartans 2Joseph Tappen '25
5Lincoln ORLincoln High School - Portland, OR75Andrew Dolle '25
Cardinals 2Annie Phillips '25
6OlympiaOlympia High School82Emy Kissick '25
Bears 1No show
7OlympiaOlympia High School86Daniel Roberts '243
Bears 3Hannah Fritz '22
8BainbridgeBainbridge High School90Adam Turloff '24
Spartans 1Maxwell Richards '24
9Gig HarborGig Harbor High School99Finn Deprez '251-4
Matthew Embick '235-10
Tides 1William Embick '261-4
Charlie Christ '265-10
10BellinghamBellingham High School109Dylan Wynne '234
Bayhawks 1Lulu Haestad '24
11AnacortesAnacortes High School113Bradyn Rueb '25
SeahawksCassius Tossavainen '22
12GarfieldGarfield High School116Kairo Zimmerman Goad '24
BulldogsElla Barnard '20 *
13Port TownsendPort Townsend High School124Hazel Windstorm '24
RedhawksNo show
14BallardBallard High School125John Butler '231-6
Hudson Lemke '09 *7-10
BeaversNo show
15Gig HarborGig Harbor High School138Oscar Hayes-Fegley '251-24
Koji Kubo '223-45
Nico Konyk '255-10
Tides 2Sky Rainbolt '23 *
16BainbridgeBainbridge High School144Alden Lemon '251-2,5-10
Stone Dewey '263-4
Spartans 4Christopher Cuellar-Carpenter '251-4,7-10
Stone Dewey '265-6
17BellinghamBellingham High School150Bryce Lutz '23
Bayhawks 3Luca Gillis '23
18Lincoln ORLincoln High School - Portland, OR152Nolan Petrin '23
Cardinals 1Catie Harding '22
19BellinghamBellingham High School156Alder MacGillivray '22
Bayhawks 2Nate Hettick '23
20BainbridgeBainbridge High School168Ava Bergan '23
Spartans 3Nick Heinzelman '24
1South Whidbey sailor
2Black Hills sailor
3Tumwater sailor
4Sehome sailor
5Lincoln OR sailor

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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