MN Conference #1


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

BreckBreck Varsity113355
EdinaEdina Hornets224466
MahtomediMahtomedi Mixed335577
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Skippers 1446688
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Skippers 2557799
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Skippers 366881010
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Skippers 477991111
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Mixed 18810101212
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Mixed 29911111313
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Mixed 3101012121414
Mounds Park AcademyMounds Park Academy Mixed111113131515
OronoOrono Spartans 1121214141616
OronoOrono Spartans 2131315151717
Southwest SeniorSouthwest Senior Lakers141416161818
St. Paul Academy - MSt. Paul Academy - M Spartans151517171919
WashburnWashburn Millers1616181811
WayzataWayzata Navy 11717191922
WayzataWayzata Navy 218181133
White Bear LakeWhite Bear Lake Mixed19192244

B Division

BreckBreck Varsity224466
EdinaEdina Hornets335577
MahtomediMahtomedi Mixed446688
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Skippers 1557799
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Skippers 266881010
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Skippers 377991111
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Skippers 48810101212
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Mixed 19911111313
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Mixed 2101012121414
MinnetonkaMinnetonka Mixed 3111113131515
Mounds Park AcademyMounds Park Academy Mixed121214141616
OronoOrono Spartans 1131315151717
OronoOrono Spartans 2141416161818
Southwest SeniorSouthwest Senior Lakers151517171919
St. Paul Academy - MSt. Paul Academy - M Spartans1616181811
WashburnWashburn Millers1717191922
WayzataWayzata Navy 118181133
WayzataWayzata Navy 219192244
White Bear LakeWhite Bear Lake Mixed113355