MN State Coed Championship


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions. Division B starts, followed by division A.

A Division

Benilde St MargaretsBenilde St Margarets Red22446611111
EdinaEdina Varsity3355101012122
MahtomediMahtomedi Zephyrs 144661111113
MahtomediMahtomedi Zephyrs 25510101212224
OronoOrono Scarlet 166111111335
OronoOrono Scarlet 21010121222446
Southwest SeniorSouthwest Senior Varsity111111335510
WashburnWashburn Varsity121222446611
White Bear LakeWhite Bear Lake Bears113355101012

B Division

Benilde St MargaretsBenilde St Margarets Red113355101012
EdinaEdina Varsity22446611111
MahtomediMahtomedi Zephyrs 13355101012122
MahtomediMahtomedi Zephyrs 244661111113
OronoOrono Scarlet 15510101212224
OronoOrono Scarlet 266111111335
Southwest SeniorSouthwest Senior Varsity1010121222446
WashburnWashburn Varsity111111335510
White Bear LakeWhite Bear Lake Bears121222446611