Central Team Race Scrimmage

Ranking summary

1New Trier HSNew Trier HSGreen5/0100.0
*2Latin  of ChicagoLatin School of ChicagoRomans4/180.0
**3Lake ForestLake Forest High SchoolMixed4/180.0
**3Lake ForestLake Forest High SchoolScouts4/180.0
*5Walter Payton CollegWalter Payton College Preparatory High SchoolGrizzlies3/260.0
**6Hinsdale CentralHinsdale Central High SchoolRed Devils3/260.0
**6New Trier HSNew Trier HSBlue3/260.0
8Lane Tech College PrLane Tech College PrepVarsity2/340.0
**9Evanston Township HSEvanston Township HSWildkits1/420.0
**9Loyola AcademyLoyola AcademyRamblers1/420.0
**11FenwickFenwick High SchoolFriars0/50.0
**11St. Ignatius (IL)St. Ignatius College Prep, Chicago, ILWolfpack0/50.0
*Number of races won when tied teams met (1)
**Tie stands


Hinsdale Central High School Red Devils3DNS6 points (Orig: 4)
Hinsdale Central High School Red Devils3DNS6 points (Orig: 5)
Hinsdale Central High School Red Devils3DNS6 points (Orig: 6)
St. Ignatius College Prep, Chicago, IL Wolfpack20DNF6 points (Orig: 6)


↓ vs →RecordEvanston Township HSLatin of ChicagoWalter Payton CollegSt. Ignatius (IL)Lake ForestNew Trier HS
Evanston Township HS Wildkits1-4XL (2-5-6)L (2-4-6)W (2-3-5)L (3-4-5)L (4-5-6)
Latin of Chicago Romans4-1W (1-3-4)XW (1-2-5)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-5)L (2-4-5)
Walter Payton Colleg Grizzlies3-2W (1-3-5)L (3-4-6)XW (2-3-4)L (2-4-6)W (2-3-4)
St. Ignatius (IL) Wolfpack0-5L (1-4-6)L (3-4-6)L (1-5-6)XL (1-5-6)L (1-4-6 DNF)
Lake Forest Scouts4-1W (1-2-6)L (3-4-6)W (1-3-5)W (2-3-4)XW (1-2-6)
New Trier HS Blue3-2W (1-2-3)W (1-3-6)L (1-5-6)W (2-3-5)L (3-4-5)X


↓ vs →RecordNew Trier HSLake ForestFenwickLane Tech College PrLoyola AcademyHinsdale Central
New Trier HS Green5-0XW (1-2-4)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-4)W (1-2-3)W (1-2-3)
Lake Forest Mixed4-1L (3-5-6)XW (1-2-5)W (1-2-5)W (1-2-3)W (1-3-4)
Fenwick Friars0-5L (3-5-6)L (3-4-6)XL (3-5-6)L (2-5-6)L (3-4-6)
Lane Tech College Pr Varsity2-3L (3-5-6)L (3-4-6)W (1-2-4)XW (1-4-5)L (2-5-6)
Loyola Academy Ramblers1-4L (4-5-6)L (4-5-6)W (1-3-4)L (2-3-6)XL (4-5-6)
Hinsdale Central Red Devils3-2L (4-5-6 DNS,DNS,DNS)L (2-5-6)W (1-2-5)W (1-3-4)W (1-2-3)X