Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AcalanesAcalanes Dons64646262
The AthenianThe Athenian Owls63636161
BerkeleyBerkeley Yellowjackets62626060
Geffen Academy at UC Varsity61615959
CampolindoCampolindo Cougars60605858
Cathedral CatholicCathedral Catholic Dons59595757
College ParkCollege Park Falcons58585656
Convent & StuartConvent & Stuart Cubs57575555
Design TechDesign Tech 156565454
Design TechDesign Tech 255555353
Ernest J. McBrideErnest J. McBride Wolfpack54545252
Granada Matadors53535151
Sato Academy of MathSato Academy of Math Ryūj Dragon52525050
Lowell Cardinals51514949
Marin CatholicMarin Catholic Wildcats50504848
Mater DeiMater Dei Monarchs49494747
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings48484646
PV PeninsulaPV Peninsula Panthers47474444
Francis ParkerFrancis Parker Parker46464343
RedwoodRedwood Giants44444242
School of Arts SF SOTA43434141
South TorranceSouth Torrance Spartans42424040
St. Ignatius CollegeSt. Ignatius College Wildcats41413939
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks 140403838
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks 239393737
The Bay  of San FranThe Bay of San Fran Breakers38383636
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons 137376464
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons 236366363

B Division

AcalanesAcalanes Dons63636161
The AthenianThe Athenian Owls62626060
BerkeleyBerkeley Yellowjackets61615959
Geffen Academy at UC Varsity60605858
CampolindoCampolindo Cougars59595757
Cathedral CatholicCathedral Catholic Dons58585656
College ParkCollege Park Falcons57575555
Convent & StuartConvent & Stuart Cubs56565454
Design TechDesign Tech 155555353
Design TechDesign Tech 254545252
Ernest J. McBrideErnest J. McBride Wolfpack53535151
Granada Matadors52525050
Sato Academy of MathSato Academy of Math Ryūj Dragon51514949
Lowell Cardinals50504848
Marin CatholicMarin Catholic Wildcats49494747
Mater DeiMater Dei Monarchs48484646
Palos VerdesPalos Verdes Sea Kings47474444
PV PeninsulaPV Peninsula Panthers46464343
Francis ParkerFrancis Parker Parker44444242
RedwoodRedwood Giants43434141
School of Arts SF SOTA42424040
South TorranceSouth Torrance Spartans41413939
St. Ignatius CollegeSt. Ignatius College Wildcats40403838
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks 139393737
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks 238383636
The Bay  of San FranThe Bay of San Fran Breakers37376464
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons 136366363
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons 264646262