MDISA BCSC Tier 3 Regatta #1


Rotate into the next boat in the sequence every 2 races, with starting sails offset for subsequent divisions.

A Division

Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop Spalding Cavaliers11336
BroadneckBroadneck Bruins22447
Calvert Hall CollegeCalvert Hall College Cardinals33668
Dunbar Dunbar44779
GilmanGilman Greyhounds668810
The GunstonThe Gunston Herons 1779911
The GunstonThe Gunston Herons 21414113
Patuxent Panthers88101012
Severna ParkSeverna Park Falcons99111113
SouthernSouthern Bulldogs 11010121214
SouthernSouthern Bulldogs 21515224
Saints Peter & PaulSaints Peter & Paul Sabres1111131315
The Tome Titans121214141
TowsonTowson Generals131315152

B Division

Archbishop SpaldingArchbishop Spalding Cavaliers22444
BroadneckBroadneck Bruins33666
Calvert Hall CollegeCalvert Hall College Cardinals44777
Dunbar Dunbar66888
GilmanGilman Greyhounds77999
The GunstonThe Gunston Herons 188101010
The GunstonThe Gunston Herons 21515222
Patuxent Panthers99111111
Severna ParkSeverna Park Falcons1010121212
SouthernSouthern Bulldogs 11111131313
SouthernSouthern Bulldogs 211333
Saints Peter & PaulSaints Peter & Paul Sabres1212141414
The Tome Titans1313151515
TowsonTowson Generals1414111