PCISA Gaucho Regatta - Silver


Odd-numbered teams rotate into next boat while even-numbered teams rotate into previous boat (swap) every 2 races, and when switching divisions.

A Division

AcalanesAcalanes Dons252527272929
AlamedaAlameda Hornets262646464444
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings272729293131
CoronadoCoronado Nado282826264646
Design TechDesign Tech d.tech292931313333
Ernest J. McBrideErnest J. McBride Wolfpack303028282626
La Jolla Country DayLa Jolla Country Day Torreys313133333535
Marin CatholicMarin Catholic Wildcats323230302828
Mater DeiMater Dei MONARCHS333335353737
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs 1343432323030
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs 2353537373939
MiramonteMiramonte Matadors363634343232
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer373739394141
PiedmontPiedmont Varsity383836363434
RedwoodRedwood Giants393941414343
San DomenicoSan Domenico Panthers404038383636
San Pedro Pirates414143434545
Santa MonicaSanta Monica Vikings424240403838
South TorranceSouth Torrance Spartans434345452525
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks444442424040
The UrbanThe Urban Blues454525252727
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons464644444242

B Division

AcalanesAcalanes Dons262628283030
AlamedaAlameda Hornets252545454343
Corona del MarCorona del Mar Sea Kings282830303232
CoronadoCoronado Nado272725254545
Design TechDesign Tech d.tech303032323434
Ernest J. McBrideErnest J. McBride Wolfpack292927272525
La Jolla Country DayLa Jolla Country Day Torreys323234343636
Marin CatholicMarin Catholic Wildcats313129292727
Mater DeiMater Dei MONARCHS343436363838
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs 1333331312929
Mira CostaMira Costa Mustangs 2363638384040
MiramonteMiramonte Matadors353533333131
Mission BayMission Bay Buccaneer383840404242
PiedmontPiedmont Varsity373735353333
RedwoodRedwood Giants404042424444
San DomenicoSan Domenico Panthers393937373535
San Pedro Pirates424244444646
Santa MonicaSanta Monica Vikings414139393737
South TorranceSouth Torrance Spartans444446462626
TamalpaisTamalpais Red Tailed Hawks434341413939
The UrbanThe Urban Blues464626262828
Torrey PinesTorrey Pines Falcons454543434141