MN Fall Conference #2

Scores for Division B

1MinnetonkaMinnetonka High School12Teddy Bower '26 *1-10
Skippers 8Joseph Kim '261-10
2WashburnWashburn High School17Leo Markus '23
MillersErik Westgard '22
3EdinaEdina High School18Grady Van Ness '22
HornetsAlex Wyatt '27
4MinnetonkaMinnetonka High School22Lucy Zinn '241-10
Skippers 7Gwen Nechas '241-10
5MinnetonkaMinnetonka High School32Jack Wherry '221-10
Skippers 1Katharine Woodburn '271-10
6Providence AcademyProvidence Academy44Clare Kracht '22 *1-8
MixedCatherine Kracht '22 *1-8
7MahtomediMahtomedi54Mason Schneider '241-8
Mixed 1Aliya Determan '261-8
8OronoOrono High School59Rory Baker '241-8
Spartans 1Georgia Green '231-8
9WayzataWayzata High School64Isaac Sparber '221-8
Navy 1Marco Constantini '231-8
10MinnetonkaMinnetonka High School65Sameer Bhatia '241-10
Skippers 3Hazel Eiden '251-10
11MinnetonkaMinnetonka High School71Gwyneth Noller '251-10
Skippers 6Renata Hernandez '27 *1-10
12BrainerdBrainerd High School78Brandon Eberts '251-12
WarriorsTristan Raimann '271-12
13WayzataWayzata High School84Britta Lundeen-Hetland '251-8
MixedHarper Lundeen-Hetland '271-8
14OronoOrono High School86Martin Weiss '221-8
Spartans 2Sam Jackson '231-8
15Southwest SeniorSouthwest High School87Leif Rush '27
LakersDylan McDonald '24 *
16MinnetonkaMinnetonka High School91Jack Brellenthin '261-10
Skippers 4Graham Pierce '261-10
17Bloomington JeffersoBloomington Jefferson95Franklin Hurt '251
JaguarsLuke DuBois '222
18MahtomediMahtomedi97Ella Wisely '241-8
Mixed 2Nora Yocum '221-8
19WayzataWayzata High School110Jack Karban '231-8
Navy 2William Barrett '241-8
20MinnetonkaMinnetonka High School112Aaron Cleary '231-10
Skippers 2Ray Taha '261-10
21Mounds Park AcademyMounds Park Academy114Alex Bixby '251-8
MixedStella Christianson '241-43
Sofie Muschenheim '255-8
22White Bear LakeWhite Bear Lake High School119Akaycia Belisle '251-8
BearsNiamh McMahon '261-8
23MinnetonkaMinnetonka High School126Gloria Jorczak '241-10
Skippers 5Anastasia Gilbert '261-10
1Washburn sailor
2St. Paul Central sailor
3White Bear Lake sailor

Score history

The following chart shows the relative rank of the teams as of the race indicated.

The first place team as of a given race will always be at the top of the chart. The spacing from one team to the next shows relative gains/losses made from one race to the next. You may hover over the data points to display the total score as of that race.

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