The Bay School of San Francisco

The Bay  of San Fran

Season history for Spring 2015

San Diego Yacht ClubDistrict ChampionshipTeamPending4/5
St. Francis Yacht ClubDistrict Championship2 DivisionsOfficial11/22
Cabrillo Beach Yacht ClubIn-District2 DivisionsOfficial5/24
The San Francisco Yacht ClubLeague Championship1 DivisionOfficial6,13/36
The San Francisco Yacht ClubLeague Championship1 DivisionOfficial8/25
UC Santa Barbara GauchosIn-District2 DivisionsOfficial24/32
Interscholastic SailIn-District2 DivisionsOfficial8/30
Interscholastic SailIn-District2 DivisionsOfficial16/30
Half Moon Bay Yacht ClubIn-League1 DivisionOfficial25,28/29